Jordan Joy

Jordan , a country located in west part of Asian side of world is popular for different essence of life. The theme of country is very simple and life pattern follows the nomadic culture. It is an Islamic empire.The majority of people population is of Arab and the language being spoken is Arabic. Officially it is termed as  “Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan” as being descendants from the Holy Prophet’s clan. The Jordanian people are very much friendly and their warming gesture is Ahlan wa Sahlan (“hello and welcome”). Continue reading



Chile, a country of South America is very interesting regarding it’s geographical cut. It looks like a thin strip on world map because its length is very long and in width it is  445 km on the maximum side. Chile includes mountain range known as  ” The Andes”,  borders the Pacific ocean as well  shares a border with desert. The basic people culture is that of Spanish and majority of  people follow the Roman Catholic as religion. To travel in Chile do get some research about the location and travel plans. Some useful tips are given hereContinue reading



Norway is one of the best European country for paying  a visit. The name is based on its  location as it serve as  north ward route thus called as ” Norway”. This country  has all the  seasonal flavors and the best time calculated for travelling is between the month of May and June  because this is the spring season and all the beauty is blooming.

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Time for some Tour Tips

Travelling is a noteworthy activity which is being done since the evolution of humankind. Different travelling is done according to the needs. But there is always some pre-planning needed because any critical situation may  arise about  which a person should be well prepared before hand. Whenever having a tour scheduled make the necessary preparations as to avoid the frustrations or any other complications.

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Give your mood a treat: Visit Sydney

Sidney is situated at  the southern edge of Vancouver Island and  northern end of Saanich peninsula. It is a town having great attractions for tourists. People who are in love with nature will have a refreshing treat to their moods. From red deep maples which gives it a blushing look to the calm blue water  is obviously a lively amusement which could never be easily ignored. Make the vacation worth living and have a great deal of fun at the popular places of Sidney ,a town which can never be ignored for its beauty.

Port Jackson


Sydney harbor is famous for its wild range of animals thus significantly enhancing port Jackson natural beauty. This harbor has a bridge which is a place not only to connect Sidney to the north shore but also give a spot  to nature lovers as deep water flows under it. A way to cherish this port is crossing over the bridge which  gives a majestic  outlook to the water and all the hustle and bustle around it.The beauty is maximized in the evening when sun is setting throwing its light golden rays on the bridge and water as to make a happy ending of the day. This port is one of the spectacular point to view. Private cruises as well as Sydney ferries which are operated by government of Sidney can be taken and enjoyed.  Continue reading


Cool off the summers!

Summer season is one the least favorite when talking about the hot areas of globe, those situated near the equator.  To utilize this season is not difficult at all. Consider going to the areas where summers are best enjoyed. All you need is  to consider the budget and pack up because its summer in the air!

Seaside Time


Sea side is an excellent place to cool off the summer season. The cool water of the sea ward off the hot affects. Many activities can be performed like swimming, playing volley ball and  other water games. Being refreshed by the fruits cocktails and other drinks. Picnic and partying both side by side. Whenever a tinge of heat is felt, a dive in and all is cooled off. This is indeed very healthy vacation site because all outdoor fun is good for health. Exposure to sun means having free  vitamin D for the body. But do pack the sun tan lotion otherwise don’t complain about tanning.

Hill stations hill_station

Planning a trip to hill station is the best time being spent this summers. The majestic mountains are not only soothing to eyes but serve as great time pass for the hot season. Travelling to mountains is  fun in  itself with mighty mountains  as the continuous partner during the travel time. No fix resort is needed every here and there springs erupt in view and a roaring and  beautiful waterfall is an ideal picnic spot.  The activities to do involves tracking and hiking in the zig- zag paths between the mountains. Hilly areas are also  good to health  because it will make the lungs to function in more better way increasing the red blood cells and the overall functioning of the other body parts. In short visit to a hilly area will always be a well spent time.


Explore Pakistan

Pakistan, a country full of nature blessings is located in Asia. To enjoy and relax  visit it and feel it. It has a mixture of culture and norms. Explore it in any season or any day of year a variety of entertainment will be there.Richness of nature makes it worth seeing.pakistn_nature_view

Some places to visit 

  • Faisal Mosque
  • Monument
  • Badshahi Mosque
  • Tomb of national poet Allama Iqbal
  • Qisa Khwani Bazaar
  • Hanna Lake
  • Tomb of Quaid-e-Azam
  • Sea-View

Folk lore

Cultural Heritage is an important part of it. People throughout the country follow the  ancestors’ traditions sacred rituals.

Kalash Dance
Kalash is a valley where a scarce number of a particular tribe are living. Their origin is sometimes linked with Alexander The Great. A special festival is performed in spring season continuing for many days which is rich in showing the culture. Festivities include  dance performed by women following  unique dress code. A happy and cherry feeling enchants the air. Continue reading


Have a vacation in mind? Let’s Go Italy!

Italy is situated in southern part of Europe. Having variety in every aspect either it is climate or architecture. Every city of Italy is rich and versatile . Architecture of Rome is the best depiction of Greek Times, one can feel the  royalties in historical buildings being preserved till date.


Piazza-The Italian Culture

“Piazza”defined as square is the location where lanes are intersecting. It is the main point where people meet in daily routines. It is all the time busy with people roaming about, shopping or gathering in different sitting locations enjoying the day out.


Rome is known as “Capital of World” because it offers so much variety in history as well as every other life aspect.Colosseum , the amphitheatre Continue reading

Trip To Costa Rica

Trip to Costa Rica guarantees a rejuvenating experience for vacationers. Draped in green tropical forests, the land is certainly a treat for sight and senses. A wide array of wild life species dwells in Costa Rica.

The government extends all efforts to sustain the country’s natural beauty. The main reason is that tourism contributes a major deal in boosting Costa Rica’s economy.

Facts About Costa Rica

  • Location: Central America
  • Meaning of Costa Rica: Rich Coast
  • Capital: San José
  • Currency: CRC ( Costa Rican Colon)
  • Official Language: Spanish
  • Population: 4,301,712 (census 2011)
  • Religion: Roman Catholic (majority)

Culture Of Costa Rica:

The residents of Costa Rica are composed of buoyant spirits. Various kinds of carnivals and festivals are happening year-round. They celebrate art’s festival, saints’ day, independence day and christmas with gusto. The mouth-watering cuisine of Costa Rica exudes freshness of herbs.

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Student Travel Insurance

Student travel insurance plan is a wonderful idea for students who are joining college far away from home or overseas for study. Insurance providers and travel companies provide coverage for trip cancellations and delays.

In addition, most policies will cover any missing baggage. Urgent medical health coverage is the most important features of student travel insurance.

Student Travel Insurance Coverage

Student travel insurance is very important because it provides coverage against the problems and unexpected events that may happen during travel. If the journey is late, most insurance protection companies will protect up to $500 and sometimes $1,000. In case a termination is necessary for urgent circumstances or another purpose, student travel insurance will often protect as much as $20,000. This amount is offered to protect any commercial airline, real estate, or other journey costs that may be built up for student travels across the country or overseas.

Student Travel Insurance Offers

Many insurance providers offer student travel insurance for securing baggage or lost luggage. This is an excellent offer, and it provides comfort and peace of mind. Many people speak gossip stories about failures of personal belongings and lost luggage.

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