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    Best Travel Tips for Myanmar

    Myanmar is a mysteriously beautiful country. From stunning temple landscapes to unspoiled waters of Mergui Archipelago, the country is more visible in the tourism radar of Asia thanks to its unique charm. This ultimate travel tips features the most comprehensive information for a perfect holiday to this mesmerizing country: Trip Preparation To start planning your trip to Myanmar, this guide provides some of the most practical information you should know: Visa Myanmar government have been stepping forward to improve their visa service. Visitors now can apply for visa through embassies which presents in many countries in the world.  The ordinary visa procedure takes about 1 week. Evisa is available for…

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    Top 10 Things to do in Yangon

    For fist timer, Yangon is a fascinating city to start your Burma experience. On one side, the city is deep in the tradition with a wealth of British Colonial Heritages, sacred temples, scenic villas. On the other side, it is fast developing with high buildings, celebrated cultures and thriving events of the modern day. There are so many things to delve into in Yangon whether you are looking for something unique or simply want to soak up the authenticity that it offers. These top 10 experiences is just a stunning list to commence: 1. Photograph Shwedagon Pagoda The Shwedagon is a must for any Myanmar Travel itinerary. It can be…

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    Top Three Summer Time Season Vacation Ideas

    Perhaps you have made the decision yet what direction to go within your summer time season vacation? Otherwise, you are in good company. Each year, many families spend time and effort determining what direction to go. There’s also a lot of options and options, it’s really a hard choice. Organizing a summer time season vacation may be easy if one makes time to handle some planning. The first step in planning your summer time season vacation isn’t necessarily to select a destination, but to select an “action”. Do you want to camping within the forest, sailing across the sea, or even be relaxing at the sea or beach? Items that…

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    Paris Budget Travel

    Paris is unquestionably one of the most expensive travel destinations in the world. It is not only for visitors but also for expat alike. However, it does not mean you can not explore the city with tight budget. Here are some tips that I have collected from time to time : Transport from airport to city center There are many bloggers, travel sites provides useful information on this matter. Most of them, however, focuses on the train, direct bus to Opera or Champ Elysee.  These buses or train often costs more than 10 euro/ 1 way. Can you pay only 3,8 euro instead ? Yes. From Charles De Gaulle airport,…