Hawaii Is Perfect Vacation Gateway

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Four epic South African experiences to tantalize intrepid souls of cash conscious travelers

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Honeymoon Places

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Planning a Visit to Asia

Going to Asia would be wonderful experience of one’s life. Traveling in Asia would be unforgettable and memorable if all the precautions before journey are taken. In Asia, you can find lots of options. Orient is a fascinating island consisting of many countries. You can find western developed countries in Asia like Japan and South Korea. Similarly Vietnam and Myanmar will need more bravery from the traveler.

Certain Hurdles That Come To The Way:

Many fresh travelers may experience sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression and perhaps a culture shock as well. In order to avoid this you need to search the whole destination.  Its climate, culture and customs must be known to the adventurous. Or at least he has a guess about it. Traveler should know that language and food would be the greatest problems while traveling to Asia.

Getting Familiar To The Visiting Area:

The internet facility is a very good source to prepare the person before he meets his so called troubles. He could have a glimpse of land, people, and the food. Getting guide books is also a very good option to familiar with the conditions. The easiest would be to hire a guide via any agency to make the most of the trip. You should book some  tours such as Myanmar Tour Packages at http://www.myanmartours.net/myanmar-tour-packages.html

Preparations Before Traveling:

Yes, you have to consider some easy going steps so that you would not be the victim in foreign land. Take small amount of foreign currency in your pocket.

This will help you to escape from the thief’s eye. Use sealed water bottle for drinking purpose. Keep iodine tablets and perforated tablets when using tap water. Don’t take any beverages with the ice.

Places to visit in Asia: Thai Land, Hong Kong, Dubai, Malaysia, Myanmar, India, Singapore..v.v

Checking The Personal Fitness:

A traveler should take a regular check up to his family doctor before going to the trip. Vaccination should be taken in order to save body from the epidemic disease in the foreign country. Precautions should be made against common disease in Asia like hepatitis, malaria, dengue, rabies, typhoid. People will enjoy if nothing happens seriously. All the diseases are cured before the time.

Enjoy Trip:

Only this way one can enjoy fully in the trip. Asia will give you good memories if you are prepared before an Asian trip. The Bible also focuses on traveling. Isaiah 40:26 says, “Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created these things, that bringeth out their host by number.” God will be happy if we wander to see his wonderful creations.

Photography Tips for Philippine Pyromusical Competition

The 4th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition is just around the corner! It’s that time of the year again where SM Mall of Asia will be jam packed with people because of the fireworks competition.

Before the show…

  • Reserve seats as soon as possible. I would suggest choosing one of the mall’s veranda restaurants on the second floor for a better view.
  • Arrive at the mall at around 5PM to ensure parking space and early setup.
  • Leaving the mall after the show will take a lot of time, park outside the mall compound to avoid the rush.
  • Parking has been increased in the past year. There are parking areas in SMX, SM Arena and of course the mall itself.

Photographer’s Corner

Must bring

  • Tripod
  • Remote release
  • Black cardboard
  • Spare memory cards
  • Fully charged battery

Setting up your camera

  • Set up your tripod and camera early.
  • Run a couple of test shots before the actual show to help you frame your shots.
  • Shoot in RAW mode. This will help you post process your photos easier. RAW files can be opened by Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • Keep your ISO at 100. The fireworks will be bright enough and you’ll be shooting in longer exposures.
  • Set your aperture anywhere between f/8 and f/16.
  • Shoot at bulb setting to allow full control of when to release the shutter.
  • If you don’t have a remote, set your camera to go off on a 2-second timer. This will help eliminate any instability when pressing the shutter.
  • Turn off auto focus and set the focal length to infinity.

Shooting Creatively

Choose which orientation you’re more comfortable shooting with. Portraits are good if you want to get one whole burst as it shoots up. If you want to get multiple bursts, go with landscape.

When taking one shot with multiple bursts, use the black cardboard to control which bursts enter your shot.

  1. When the first firework goes off, press and hold the remote. When it fades, cover your lens with the black cardboard to avoid any light from entering.
  2. When the second shot goes off, remove the black cardboard. Cover it again when the shot fades.
  3. Release the remote after 2-3 firework shots to avoid over exposure.
  4. Repeat the steps for succeeding photographs.

This technique can be risky if your settings are not setup correctly. To make sure you’re getting the shots you want, check up on the finished shots in between firework breaks. This will help you adjust the aperture.

Shooting fireworks is all about the timing.


See The World from The Sea

It always astounds me to read those statistics about how many people don’t use all of their vacation days, or hear about people who say they’ve never left their hometown. As a travel agent and a travel lover, it breaks my heart. If you are reading this blog, you are probably already a fan of travel, but as much as we love to see the world, we do have to admit there are some hardships that come with it. (more…)

Best Romantic Places in Turkey

The dream of most family couples is to have little time on their own – just like it had been a few years earlier -before their children. Some will say that this kind of a holiday is inappropriate if a family has children. However, just thinking about it makes you want it even more. So there could be only a good effect of such a holiday -the parents would relax and be less stressed and thus more helpful and productive in their family and business lives.


7 Best Destinations To Enjoy Monsoons In Mumbai

Monsoon is one of the best times to visit India as well as the different famous Indian destinations. The monsoon season starts in Mumbai from Early June and brings relief after the sweltering heat as well as humidity of summer. Monsoon in Mumbai is always refreshing. The tentative time for the arrival of monsoon every year is around 5-10 June. Being situated beside the sea, monsoon is extremely beautiful in Mumbai and you should enjoy this time in the following locations: (more…)

Hawaii Is Perfect Vacation Gateway

I just love visiting Hawaii for my vacations. You know the Hawaiian music, palms, luaus, and the hula dances all come to my mind when I think about vacationing at Hawaii islands. Going to the islands of Hawaii offers numerous landmarks, most notably Pearl Harbor. This historic attraction offers and interesting perspective of the massive Japanese attack and history reminds us, that the attack was foreshadowed in more ways than one.


The Lotus Temple Delhi-An Architectural Wonder

The Lotus Temple Delhi is a marvelous architectural structure. It has won numerous worldwide accreditations. There are many national treasures of India. Among them, Lotus Temple Delhi is a highly regarded one. The construction of this amazing lotus flower shaped temple was completed in the year 1986. After a grand opening, the entire world began to witness an amazing structure. The architectural grandeur of this place has astonished many world architects. Mother Temple is the concept on which Lotus Temple was built. This temple is not a strictly religiously biased place. It does not belong to any religion. People from all religions and communities are welcome here. Prayers and offerings can be made inside the temple.


Top 10 Metro Stations in Paris

Paris is city of perfumes, colors and lights. One of most beautiful cities of the world, art lover’s city. But here I won’t talk about the masterpieces of art, which are found in museums. Almost everyone knows about that, this time I am talking about the beautiful Metro stations all over Paris.

Most of the Metro Stations looks similar because of their well-known nouveau styled art entrances. But you can’t observe that beauty from outside or just passing by the Metro entrances. Buy a transit ticket, cu tam that bac which much cheaper than a museum entry fee and go underground.

Here are the few most beautiful Metro stations of Paris.


Four epic South African experiences to tantalize intrepid souls of cash conscious travelers

South Africa is turning into a real adventure wonderland. From spectacular scenery to hidden caves, marine life, and fascinating attractions, the South African territory is divine inside out. The best experiences are out in the wild; however, the heart of the city can also be an urban jungle to adore. There’s something for everyone here: beaches, mountain tops, a wide variety of activities, museums & galleries, luxury accommodation, and more. It’s up to you to decide which experience best match with your personality.

We’ve made a list with 4 epic adventures that you might want to try out this season. South African weather is pleasant all year round; whether you want to make plans for this summer, or you’d like to come for Christmas, the exact same warm temperatures await you. (more…)

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