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Top 10 Things to do in Yangon

For fist timer, Yangon is a fascinating city to start your Burma experience. On one side, the city is deep in the tradition with a wealth of British Colonial Heritages, sacred temples, scenic villas. On the other side, it is fast developing with high buildings, celebrated cultures and thriving events of the modern day.

There are so many things to delve into in Yangon whether you are looking for something unique or simply want to soak up the authenticity that it offers. These top 10 experiences is just a stunning list to commence:

1. Photograph Shwedagon Pagoda

The Shwedagon is a must for any Myanmar Travel itinerary. It can be seen from mostly everywhere in Yangon, from downtown or Inya lake.
This gilded architect is 99m height, decorated in yellow, topped by 7.000 diamonds, rubies and sapphires. It golden flash comes from the real gold plated on its dome.
Shwedagon is a perfect place for photography not only because it is photogenic but it reflects the local life in a very special way that allows photographers to tell a real story.
For the ultimate photogenic chances, get ready for Sunrise in Shwedagon, you`ll love the moments.


2. Visit Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda

The remarkable Chaukhtatgyi Pagoda is home to the biggest reclining Buddha in the country. It attracts millions of pilgrimage every year who come to discover the life of Buddha depicted in different symbols sculptured in this Buddhism site.

A short walk from Chaukhtatgyi will lead to you Shweminwon Sasana Yeiktha Meditation Centre, a very nice place to enjoy tranquil nature.

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3. Take a Guided Heritage Walk

There is no better way to appreciate the architectural influence left from British Era than taking a walk with Heritage Trust Organization. This free tour is a great opportunity to embrace the nostalgia charm boasting from some colorful buildings such as Secrectary House, Waterinn building, City Halls, etc..

yangon street food

4. Embark on a Street Food in Yangon Downtown

If you are seeking for a place that can define the smells of Yangon then its downtown is the best call. This part of the city has a beautiful mix of Burmese, Chinese and Indian people hence, there comes a wide arrays of foods from all these citizens.

You will be captivated by some Myanmar snack while Indian curry awakes your senses as you pass by the downtown`s market and in the evening when the city lights up, a Chinese BBQ with beer is a perfect end.

5. Take a walk in Kandawgyi Lake

The very first reason that you should see Kandawgyi is its former Karaweik Palace. This floating structure is part of the Royal residence in the history of Yangon. It is now a nice restaurant and a popular place for local people to enjoy the music in the evening.

Another reason that draws you to Kandawygi comes from its wooden walkway that allows you to shoot the magnificent Shwedagon pagoda from far.

6. Travel on Circle Train

There are thousands of commuter coming to Yangon everyday by train and this circle train is the main transportation they take. By joining the locals on the train, visitors not only have chance to experience the way life goes on but also seeing something extraordinary: railway side markets.
Circle train ride also brings you a chance to get closer to local people, street vendors, especially for those who love to have some portraits of Burmese during their holiday in Myanmar.
This is a great option for a Yangon City Tour with less tourist.

7. Register for a Cooking Class

Get ready for a busy morning, navigating through one of the most exciting market, picking up the ingredient then have demonstration from a Burmese chef for what you are going to cook can be one of the nicest experiences in Yangon. Depends on the menu from different cooking centers, dishes you will learn vary from a tasty salad to delicious curry and sweet dessert.
Selection for cooking class is now diverse in Yangon.

8. Observing the city life at a Teashop

Yangon`s teashop is probably the most popular stop for people to socialize as well doing business.

For tourist, it is a place to taste the typical Burmese tea which is sweetened by condensed milk and sugar. There are teashops at almost every corner of Yangon – a perfect stop to witness the street life.

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9. Shop in Scott Market

Named after the hero Aung San, Scott market houses more than 2,000 stones where you can find mostly everything from food to handicraft or souvenirs.

Think about investing in some piece of art that can be 10 times valuable in the next year ? some gifts that surprises your friend ? go no further than Scott market.

night view

10. Drinks with view

Our best suggestions to sip a drink while beholding the city`s panorama are 2 of these sky bars: Sakura Lounge in Sakura Towner and Sarkies bar at the Strand Hotels.

While the Sakura Lounge offers the best view to Shwedagon, Sarkies bar creates a true ambience of British style bar in the old day.