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    Thailand 2 Week Itinerary

    Thailand is my first destination in Asia. It was much inspired by our friends who once visited the country. From all the stories I have heard, it is a beautiful country, rich in tradition and very friendly to tourist. It come to no surprise when I landed in Bangkok for the first day and continue my 2 week trip from south to north. Here is my itinerary for Thailand : Bangkok  3 days Day 1: See Bangkok`s life For the first day, there is no many sightseeing but I managed to tackle the key attractions like Grand Palace, China town. The river trip on Chao Phray at down is really…

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    Street Foods in Asia

    When it comes to the ideas of best places to try food in Asia, many will think about the famous hub like Hong Kong, Tokyo or Bangkok. However, it seems even a small town or a floating market can surprise your palette. If you are curious about street foods in Asia, this article will be a perfect source of inspiration. Let`s check the top places to sample finest local foods : Hanoi, Vietnam Many will say your trip to Vietnam is incomplete without tackling the busy street of Hanoi old quarter and taste the authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Though the area is not really but it treasures the delicious dishes with…

  • phuket

    How to discover Phuket differently

    Phuket is undoubtedly one of the hottest destination for beach and island hopping in Thailand. It houses some of the most beautiful seascapes that you should immerse into. When you search for top things to do in Phuket, you will rush into many different ideas. Amongst the choice you have to make your days excitingly occupied, many will recommend you the famous Patong beach, exploring Phuket downtown. In this article, I give you my ideas of how you can see Phuket like no others with some unique experiences : Take a Motorbike Ride to Banana Beach Lying between Bang Tao and Nai Thon beach, Banana welcomes a small number of…

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    Pound to AUD Trends Over 10 Years

    Currencies experience many upturns and downturns over time. Looking at one month or even one year is not always enough to see the relevant trends. It can be useful to look back and see what caused volatility at different times, how recent trends compare to other significant past trends, and to observe significant benchmarks in the currency exchange rate. While the Pound Sterling has been a stronger world currency over the last 10 years, rates for exchanging 1 GBP to AUD have experienced dramatic changes. Looking back at some of the trends that affected the exchange rates over the past 10 years can give some idea about the volatility of…