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    Santorini Travel Facts

    Perhaps not exactly “nobody” but let’s say what most brochures, travel agencies and travel blogger prefer to ignore about Santorini, while stressing the positive aspects of the island. Understandably. Don’t get me wrong though: Santorini is wonderful and one of the best looking places I’ve ever been. I don’t regret even for a second to have been there (twice) and I’d happily return another time again in the future. The amount of amazing corners and lovely views that can be had on this Greek island is unparalleled. Yet I noticed how some negatives I found about it are rarely, if at all, named. Unfortunately, a few can easily mar your…

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    Top Things to do in Milos

    Milos is a pearl. Along with Santorini, with which it shares the volcanic origin and the richness in colours of its beaches, it is one of the most objectively beautiful Greek island. No other island has so many beaches all different from each other, it is so colorful and yet still undiscovered by mass tourism (its airport has one tenth of the passengers of Mykonos, for instance). It is a rough, unforgiving island with a dramatic beauty that will make you love it, instantly. Or perhaps hate it, if you’re looking for comfort. Milos is not an island for those looking for a relaxing vacation due to its still wild…

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    Best Greece Islands

    An often asked question when pondering a trip to Greece is: what is the best greek island? The question implies that there’s one that is overall “the best”, which there isn’t. Greek islands can be wildly diverse and appeal to different types of tourists. If you are looking for peace, for instance, you wouldn’t probably choose Rhodes or Santorini, as they’re extremely popular. So the “best” greek island for one like you would be a smaller, less frequented island. And so on. Therefore when I say the “best greek island” I mean “the island that has a bit of everything to offer the tourists, without being seriously lacking in anything”.…

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    Top Milos Beaches

    Milos has around 40 beaches, spread all around the island. Some are unreachable by ground, only by sea. Among them there are a few that are true gems not just of Milos but of the whole Cyclades Islands. Being without a boat of some sorts is thus pretty limiting. If you have just a car or a scooter you’ll still be able to visit awesome beaches but it is important to know which ones can be reached and which ones you’ll need to book a boat tour. I’m going to list thus the best beaches on Milos, specifying which ones can be accessed only by sea. I won’t repeat often…

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