Top 10 Metro Stations in Paris

Paris is city of perfumes, colors and lights. One of most beautiful cities of the world, art lover’s city. But here I won’t talk about the masterpieces of art, which are found in museums. Almost everyone knows about that, this time I am talking about the beautiful Metro stations all over Paris.

Most of the Metro Stations looks similar because of their well-known nouveau styled art entrances. But you can’t observe that beauty from outside or just passing by the Metro entrances. Buy a transit ticket, which much cheaper than a museum entry fee and go underground.

Here are the few most beautiful Metro stations of Paris.


Strasbourg – The Historical Centre Of France

Strasbourg is a very beautiful city. It can not be described or defined in a few lines. It is full of history and news. Most people do not know about this city or those who know have less knowledge or misconception about this city. This city will welcome you with it’s splendid Cathedral, it’s delicious and fine food, it’s world heritage site the Grande-Ile, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site and it’s peaceful atmosphere. All this makes this city famous for it’s history and tradition. (more…)

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