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    Paris Budget Travel

    Paris is unquestionably one of the most expensive travel destinations in the world. It is not only for visitors but also for expat alike. However, it does not mean you can not explore the city with tight budget. Here are some tips that I have collected from time to time : Transport from airport to city center There are many bloggers, travel sites provides useful information on this matter. Most of them, however, focuses on the train, direct bus to Opera or Champ Elysee.  These buses or train often costs more than 10 euro/ 1 way. Can you pay only 3,8 euro instead ? Yes. From Charles De Gaulle airport,…

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    Experience Paris Differently

    It is unquestionably that Paris is a very tempting destination for many people. It is on the travel buck list of all bloggers. While the idea how of soaking up the romance that Paris has to offer is diverse. In this article, I will focus more on something more local friendly yet fascinating that you should not miss : See Eiffel Towel from Musee de L’Homme Certainly, when you are in Paris, you must see Eiffel Tower. Either you book a skip the line access or simply stroll from the famous Trocadero Palace to the tower, it is still very crowded. There is a good way to enjoy the panorama…

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    Alternative things to do in Amsterdam

    When you enter the city you already feel the specific aroma which this city have and then you realize that this is the beginning of a new experience. Whether you like museums, hipster shops or food markets, it looks that Amsterdam have it all. Also, everywhere you look it looks that something is worth seeing, experiencing or photographing. Once you visit Amsterdam you never come back the same, this city touches your soul and heart. I made a list of things you should definitely experience while visiting Amsterdam if you want to feel more local.

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    Top 10 Metro Stations in Paris

    Paris is city of perfumes, colors and lights. One of most beautiful cities of the world, art lover’s city. But here I won’t talk about the masterpieces of art, which are found in museums. Almost everyone knows about that, this time I am talking about the beautiful Metro stations all over Paris. Most of the Metro Stations looks similar because of their well-known nouveau styled art entrances. But you can’t observe that beauty from outside or just passing by the Metro entrances. Buy a transit ticket, which much cheaper than a museum entry fee and go underground. Here are the few most beautiful Metro stations of Paris.

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