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    Best Time To Travel to Mauritius

    When should I travel to Mauritius is a very common question as you plan a travel to this beautiful island. There Here is my personal idea for the answer of best time to travel to Mauritius: January to March: travel less This is the wet cyclone season. If there’s a cyclone interesting Mauritius, you’ll have a high chance to meet it when if you go in the first 3 months of the year. Even without a cyclone, it’s the wet season and rain is more probable to occur, especially in the interior. I’m not talking of torrential rain for days but it will rain, probably also for a few consecutive…

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    Travel sites You should not go in Mauritius

    Mauritius is a splendid island and it’s full of amazing places to absolutely visit. I’ve previously wrote about what not to miss in Mauritius so it seems only logical to also write about what to avoid in Mauritius. Unfortunately, some places and activities are overrated, not as you’d expect from the pictures or downright uninteresting. Just a few but it’s worth to know them in order to not waste time and money when there. Therefore, what to avoid when in Mauritius? Port Louis I bet it’s nobody’s first thought visiting the Mauritian capital when first thinking about travelling to this Indian Ocean island. Indeed Port Louis is a mostly modern…

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    Things to do in Mauritius

    Mauritius may be not a big island but it is packed with awesome places, great beaches, green areas, stunning views and a whole arrays of activities that it is important to know what not to miss during your stay. Reaching the island from Europe or US isn’t a short flight so you’ll want to maximize your time there by not wasting visiting places that are nothing less than marvelous. Luckily for the locals, Mauritius offers plenty of them. Unluckily for the tourists, not missing any requires some planning. These are the top 8 places not to miss in Mauritius. Le Morne The most famous view, a postcard of Mauritius as…

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    A mystical trek on Mount Mulanje Malawi

    In Africa there’s a place “where men should not go” because they’re going to get lost. I’m a woman, it should be ok for me then! Sapitwa peak is highest point in South-Central Africa and one of the most mystical place in Malawi. A 3-days trek is the perfect way to enjoy and explore the Mount Mulanje mainly because your feet are the only means of transportation capable to get you to its summit, Sapitwa. If you don’t want to get lost and become the subject of the next Mulanje legend, hire a guide. In Malawi’s Sothern Region, Mount Mulanje rises very sharply above the surrounding Phalombe Plain which lies…

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