Cheap Car Rental: 8 Things to Remember

Usually when someone is looking for a cheap car rental, it will be used for a fairly short amount of time and in a foreign place. The freedom of having a personal form of transportation is great, especially in such a spontaneous position like being on vacation.

Car rental agencies know this, and revolve their companies around the decisions their customers have to make, which sometimes can be more beneficial to the company than the customer. Pre-planning and smart choices can lead to a pleasant rental experience.

Cheap Car Rental Options

Cheap Car Rentals offer great value only if you remember these 8 golden rules and advices:

  1. All  car rental agencies have web sites where you can make reservations and check availability. Take advantage of this! A few minutes of research about discounts, deals and conditions can save a lot of hassle in the long run.
  2. Being part of AAA (American Automobile Association) can yield some nice discounts and is fairly inexpensive for a yearly membership!
  3. If on a vacation, and staying at a hotel or resort, there are many package deals with associated rental companies. Look into these! Once again, all of the options are usually posted on the company, resort or hotels Web site; very helpful.
  4. Be specific when it comes to choosing a rental car. The terms ’sporty’, or ‘luxury’ can mean a lot of different things to different companies.
  5. Research some of the demographical restrictions associated with renting a car, such as age, residency and insurance coverage. Most rental company’s will not rent to anyone under 25 years of age though there are some that will rent to 21 year olds at an elevated price.
  6. Book early! It is not uncommon for some places to be booked, especially during busy travel seasons.
  7. Don’t fall for some of the renter’s tricks. Each company gives the customer the option of returning the vehicle empty, or full. The trick is: they charge a higher price to bring it back empty than if it was full of gas! It may take $35 to fill the tank, but they’ll charge $50 because they have to fill it up themselves.
  8. Inspect the car before leaving the lot. Documenting any flaws in appearance, as well as performance is a good way to avoid some unwanted damage charges that may ensue at a later time.


8 thoughts on “Cheap Car Rental: 8 Things to Remember”

  1. In many countries when you pick up a rental car in winter months you may have to pay an additional “winterization fee” or similar. This is in addition to the price you may have paid for renting the vehicle in the first place and covers some of the costs of making the vehicle ready for travelling in adverse weather conditions.

  2. The above points are very relevant when hiring a vehicle in most is essential to book well ahead if you are planning to travel in the peak travel times. Filling up the car before returning it and checking it out for any damage, no matter how minor is important.

  3. I think some times you have to rent a car especially in the middle east countries , in order to control your time , public transportation in these countries is not well organized like western , you will spend most of your holiday time waiting for buses .
    a good thing is that it is cheap there and very easy .

  4. The advantages of a rental vehicle are evident and it is sometimes a requirement for those who are to travel on official tours. The public transportation is quite fine in Europe and if the individual wants to have an adventurous and affordable journey, then public transport can also be chosen.

  5. You have provided a really useful list of important points when it comes to renting a car. It can often be tricky to know which one is best and what you should look out for when you hire one. I think the best tip is booking early as they do get sold out quickly and you can be left with a car that is not suitable if you are not careful.

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