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Experience Paris Differently

It is unquestionably that Paris is a very tempting destination for many people. It is on the travel buck list of all bloggers. While the idea how of soaking up the romance that Paris has to offer is diverse. In this article, I will focus more on something more local friendly yet fascinating that you should not miss :


See Eiffel Towel from Musee de L’Homme

Certainly, when you are in Paris, you must see Eiffel Tower. Either you book a skip the line access or simply stroll from the famous Trocadero Palace to the tower, it is still very crowded.
There is a good way to enjoy the panorama of this iconic attraction by entering the Musee de L’homme, accessing the second floor for a cafe with direct view to La Tour Eiffel ! Enjoy your own postcard without crowd !
Another way to appreciate Eiffel towel ? the best is probably to select a room from the list of Paris hotels with Eiffel Tower


canal de louq

Boat hopping in Canal De L’Ouq

If you want to live like Canal De L’Ouq is a nice place to start. During the summer time it becomes very lively. On its bank, you can sip a beer observing Parisians playing Petanque, participating in exciting dances.
Canal De L’Ouq has wide range of activities to entertain but boat trip is its specialty. There are options for eco-friendly electric boat that allows you travel across Parc de la villette, photographing the science museum. Before you embark, make sure you bring some French wine with some snack.

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Learn how to make Macaron

Even for Paris people, macaron is a good treat for any tea time. It could be also a gift that represents French bakery.
There are reasons why the macaron cooking classes are often fully booked.
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Explore Opera Paris

If you have only a day in Paris, Opera should be included in your plan. But do not come just for a quick photograph, spend more time for an interior exploration.
As I mentioned, for a different Paris experience, it is better to see the architectural wonders inside the building. Every month, Opera has different performance and what you need to do is to check their official website to see if your travel falls to that date.
Have you ever heard about the secret places in Opera like The Foyer de la danse ?

Street Eats in Le Marais

If you fancy delicious street foods which comes from all parts of the world, gathering in some hidden squares of Paris, head to Le Marais district. For the first stop, try the Jewist food at rue des Roisiers ( you may have to queue), drop by Pozzetto for an ice cream.


Take a walk at Promenade Plantee

Paris has so many green spaces to stroll. For first timer, Luxembourg garden or the Tuleries. For me, this walkway is more than just a park, it shows some interesting slide of Paris’s life. On the way, you have chance to spot busy streets, secret park where local do sunbath.
The best is to embark on a walk from Bastille Opera and do not finish it ! After 1 hour walk you should stop and find a subway to continue your travel.
Best time : cherry flower season.


Visit Museum of Chocolate

Located by the vibrant area of Republic, Museum of chocolate has so many stories to tell you. They are all about how people discovered chocolate, using them as food or even jewelry or money.
At the end of the visit, you will have real demonstration of making chocolate.

montmartre night

City Panorama at night from Montmartre

If you plan to spend 3 days in Paris, Montmartre is one of the must-sees. During the day time, it is home to a wide array of French cafe shops dotted by a colorful art market where you can have your own portrait drawn on spot or purchase a beautiful painting about Paris.
Yet, the site becomes really photogenic at night with its stunning city panorama. If you seek for a source of romance, head there at 10.00pm when Eiffel towel starts lighting.

Wine and Cheese Tasting

This is a hot trend in Paris since 2017. You may find many wine shops offers tasting courses with cheese and bread.
The best is to combine : a piece of bread, cheese and grape then a good sip of red wine. Along the canal saint Martin is a perfect place to do so.

Paris has more to draw your attentions. If you come for the first time, check out Paris 3 days itinerary and if you want to have more insightful ideas, do not miss my coming posts.