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Most Famous Works of Art in Italy

Italy is a place of rich culture and most ancient civilization. There are a lot of things which are simply the masterpieces of art and creativity. Many creative people created wonders in the world of arts. Many places have specially been made for preserving this precious priceless treasure in Italy. There is recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation for these great people and their work. They love to enjoy their creations. Some of the best pieces of art are discussed below:

1. Apollo and Daphne, Rome

It is about the myth of Apollo and Daphne. The work is totally related to emotions and feelings. The actual myth was that the nymph turned into a laurel tree for a purpose to escape the amorous pursuit of the young god. Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s sculptural virtuosity beautifully depicts the whole mystery and it is just an amazing marvel. His work is on the marble and its physical limitations.

2. The David, Florence

This awesome sculpture was made by Michelangelo. He considered his this work as the masterpiece captures. It is basically a biblical hero which expresses the feelings of self-possession, menace vulnerability, and tension. It is simply astonishing and it surprises the viewer but taking him in the valley of deep thoughts.

3. Mosaics, Ravenna

Ravenna developed as the western seat of the Byzantine Empire from 550 to 750. In the churches and other landmarks, the brilliant mosaics shine and reflect the former power of the city.

The place is simply gorgeous and amazes the people.

4. Camera degli Sposi, Mantua

This is a photographic record of life of a Renaissance culture. This is one of the few splendid works painted by Andrea Mantegna. It has been preserved for ages and thus it is one of the best pieces of art in Italy.

5. The Last Supper, Milan

It is a unique and beautiful painting made by Leonardo da Vinci. This is hanged in the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie. The painting creates an illusion the room further extends towards right. The apostles and Christ with dramatic intensity are also depicted in this stupendous piece of art. Hence, the painting is among the best paintings of the world which have the ability to astonish the people.

6. Mosaics, Villa Romana Del Casale, Piazza Armerina

It is perhaps the most amazing and astonishing mosaic cycle about the Roman culture. It depicts many wild beasts and animals, and paves the earth surfaces of the ruins of Italy estate regarding the incidents took place in 4th century in Sicily. It is also among the masterpieces of art and enjoys world wide acknowledgment and praise.

They are just the few from the precious creative treasure. People who have got special interest in art and innovative things come from all over the world to witness the mind-blowing work of these artists. Italy fortunately is lucky enough to have this wealth. People appreciate these creative minds and encourage them a lot. Hence, this positive reinforcement works as the motivational power and is responsible for creating wonders.