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10 Best Places to Visit in China

One of the world’s oldest civilization with almost 4,000 years of history is China. There are a lot of historical places in China, which are famous with respect to tourists. Some of the best places to visit in China are listed below:

1. The Great Wall

The Great Wall

The literal meaning of the Great wall is of a very Long Fortress. It is an ancient Chinese fortification, which was built to stop the Huns to invade from the north.

2. Forbidden City

Forbidden City

One of the most dazzling architectural master pieces n the world is the Forbidden City. Which also happens to be the largest palace of the world covering 74 hectares.

3. Terracotta Army

Terracotta Army

On a very short distance from the Qinshihuang Mausoleum is located “The terracotta Army”. On a total area of approximately sixty square kilometer, there are four large pit buildings located on this site.

4. The Bund

The Bund

One of the top attractions in Shanghai from tourist point of view is The Bund. It has been regarded as the symbol of Shanghai for over a hundred years.

5. Potala Palace

Potala Palace

In 637, the Potala palace was built by King Songtsen to great his bride Wen Cheng. The approximate measurements of this structure are:

  • 117 meters (384 ft) in Height.
  • 360 meters (1,180 ft) in Width.

6. Mogao Grottoes (Dunhuang)

Mogao Grottoes (Dunhuang)

Among the Buddhist Art in the world, Mogao Grottoes is the largest, richest and the best preserved treasure. There is a total of 2,100 colored statues and 45,000 square meters of murals present in the Mogao Grottoes caves.

7. Lijiang River

Lijiang River

One of the most famous and beautiful areas of China is The Lijiang River.

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Best 8 Places To Visit in China

China is full of beautiful sites and natural beauty, its ancient culture and history adding to its charm. China offers tourists many sites worth seeing, may it be the Great Wall of China, its adorable Pandas, its rivers, its ancient temples, ancient palaces, mountains (Mt. Everest being one of them), lakes and the stone forest. China has one of the most ancient cultures of world and has many historical and cultural places spread across the country. According to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, China has 40 sites, ranking third in the world of which 28 are cultural heritage sites, 7 are natural heritage sites and 4 are cultural and natural (mixed) sites.

 Mountains and forest

Changbai  Mountainns in Jilin

The Changbai Mountains of China has lakes, forest and endangered species of Siberian tigers and the rare species of Bear. The mountain is covered with Snow for the most part of the year, it is on the border of China and the North Korea. A great part of the Jilin Province is protected as Changbai nature reserve. The greatest attraction is undoubtedly the Heavenly Lake, which is the source of three rivers of China, a phenomenon that is particular of the Heavenly lake is that it will rain one moment and a sunshine in the next.

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Cesme Peninsula, Places to Visit in Turkey

If you are planning to spend your vacations some where in the world, Turkey can be a good option. You can enjoy a lot with your friends and family and can have an exciting, memorable and adventurous trip in Turkey. There are so many places in Turkey to visit and it does have many other attractions for the people to visit it.

Places to visit in Turkey

Cesme Turkey

As discussed above there are a number of places in Turkey where you can go with your friends and family. Many places in turkey are historic, beautiful, and rich in cultural heritage and entertainment. It is to be agreed that many people from all around the world come to visit Turkey and its cities.

Some of the places in Turkey which must be visited are discussed below:

Windward Aegean Peninsula

Windward Aegean Peninsula

There are many beautiful and lovely villages with the Greek facades, and visiting them is simply a delight for the tourists. The population is scanty here. It has got its own unique beauty and attractions. With the passage of time, the area got gradually developed and now it is one of the most visited places of Turkey where people come to enjoy their holidays.

The people are really hospitable and civilized.  You can find many opulent bay side resorts, romantic boutique hideaways, discreetly welcoming cloistered inns and a stately Pasha’s manse.

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Things to Do in Italy

Italy is a great place to visit and spend your vacations. You can do a lot of things while living here. So if you ever get a chance to visit Italy, here are some of the interesting things that you can do to make your trip a really memorable and entertaining one.

Visiting the masterpieces of ancient Rome

You can visit the ancient places and ruins in Rome. They are simple awesome and great places to visit. They are spreader from the heights of Palatine to the Colosseum Valley. They reflect the ancient and rich Roman civilization.

Visit Italy

Enjoy mosaics in Ravenna

There are numerous Ravenna’s Byzantine churches and ancient amazing monuments in Ravenna where you can go and enjoy the stupendous beauty of the past. It is remarkable because of the heavenly and earth scenes. In general, the place is simply a masterpiece.

Enjoying food and wine in Tuscany

It is one of the most exotic and beautiful place of Italy. Here you can enjoy the special and unique food items, appetizing cheese and all samples of wine. It is a great place where you can spend your time and enjoy yourselves.

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Winter Vacation Plans for Couples

Winter is an ideal time for the lovers as well for honeymoon couples to share and enjoy their romantic moments. In fact the cold weather persuades the couples to come more close to each other; no matter they are outside near the hill area or indoor in front of the fire. The arrangement of a couple’s outdoor winter vacation is also another approach to build an opportunity to bring them together.

When they spend these days exclusively together; it creates a strong bonding and a better understanding between them. It also enhances the joy they share with each other. They come to know each other in a better manner. All these factors contribute towards a happy life of the couples.

If the couples are planning to go for their winter vacation, then the below given set of instruction will surely help them to make it a worthwhile trip:

Type of Vacation

Prior to leaving for a vacation, the couple must decide about the type of vacation. They should also make a decision; when they would like to start their voyage.  Some of the top states to make a trip in winter are Colorado, Utah, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. These states offer a large range of winter activities.

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US Winter Vacations

Many people, around the globe, anxiously await the winter vacations. They want a chance to get away and enjoy the winter season. This is especially true, in regard to winter vacations in the US. We shall also consider the best winter vacations ideas, below.

A Break

Most people view the winter vacations as a break from their endless chores and jobs. One should welcome the winter season by going away for a holiday. There are so many activities that can be enjoyed. These include skiing, ice skating and snow diving.

Vacations in the United States

The best place to spend the winter vacations is in the US. One just needs to plan the holidays in advance. One way to do this is by planning the vacation within a budget. In this way one can also manage their expenses.

Numerous travel agencies provide winter packages at a discount. They also provide cheap winter destinations, within the US. There are many cities to choose from.

Winter Spots

Lake Tahoe is a great winter spot. It is situated on the border of Nevada and California. It is a favorite with the honeymoon couples. It also has exotic resorts nearby, which can be easily booked.

Yellowstone Park is also a famous winter spot. It is situated in Wyoming. It attracts many tourists every year.

Another good spot is Wisconsin Dells. The main attraction of this small town is the Golf of Dells, and, the Great Wolf Lodge. It also has many indoor water parks.

If money is tight, a great option is Hawaii. Another option is the Bahamas. They are good spots for vacationing.

The Hershey’s Chocolate Land is also a favorite among families. Kids simply love it. It is also an inexpensive destination.

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Amazing Puerto Rico

On the Caribbean island paradise of Puerto Rico, have the fine rum and enjoy Salsa. These islands are situated in the Caribbean Shore in the east of the Dominican Republic.


puerto rico population

The population is consisted of 75% Spanish and 25% English speaking people.  The tourists don’t need to be bothered about this fact, as almost all the tourist areas are largely English speaking.

Puerto Rico comprises of one Main Island, Greater Antilles, and couple of smaller islands and keys which is actually a commonwealth of United States. Though Puerto Rico is mostly consists of the mountains, but along the northern coastline; it has extravagant, sandy beaches which will amaze you.

Amazing Nights

Just visualize the sunbathing, kayaking, surfing and playing golf all the day long. After spending such an eventful day, the night is rather more pleasant with the tropical marine climate from 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit temperature throughout the year. Away from your hectic job schedule, you can enjoy the deluxe dining, gaming, throbbing discos and bars in the night. Continue reading

Singapore In 48 Hours

It happens sometimes that you are supposed to stay in a place for only two days. To visit an island like Singapore in a time span of 2 days is nothing. People who come here fall in love with this place and would love to stay there for their life. Let us suppose that you are unlucky that you have got only two days to enjoy this place. Hence it is recommended to go according to this plan.

Day 1 Plan

Let us assume that you have reached the Changi Airport in the morning of day 1. Just go and get out of the immigration procedure with a brochure about Singapore in your hand. It depends on the money in your pocket to which kind of hotel you might want to spend your nights. If you can afford an expensive hotel then you can go for the Changi Airport hotel else you might find Hotel 81 in Chinatown. After coming out of the airport you should sit in the SIA Hop-on bus. Don’t worry about the money, its free. It will take you away from the airport to the Orchard Road then to Bugis Junction, Suntec City, the Colonial District, Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Chinatown and finally to the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

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10 Gigantic Atlantic Ocean Liners

Liners are the huge ships to carry the passengers through rough seas to their destination. They were used to move wealthy immigrants between New York and Europe through North Atlantic oceans. RMS Queen Elizabeth II

Most of the grand old liners are left in memories only. They were highly superb in their service, luxuriousness, status, facilities and in length too. They had won the prize for the fastest Atlantic crossing.

Note that Atlantic Liner is different from a cruise ship which is made for quiet sea and entertainment whereas, liners are made to deal with jagged north Atlantic climate and to carry passengers.

1. RMS Queen Elizabeth II

Launching Year: 1969

QE2 was launched at the ending age of the Atlantic liners and remained the only luxury ship till 2004 (aside from the Norway). It moved through Atlantic & many other ports in Sydney, Australia and other places. Its life came to an end in 2008 and now it will be a hovering hotel in Dubai.

China’s Forbidden City

One of China’s most amazing sites is the Forbidden City known in the Chinese language as, “Zijin Cheng”, a place that has been publicly blocked for the past 500 years. It is one of the most ancient pre-historic structures of the world. Located in Beijing, it was the palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasty and served as one of the main political centers of China.

China’s Forbidden City

The For bidden City has two main parts to it, the southern end called as the Outer Court and the northern end is called as the Inner Court. The main color of the City is Yellow and the southern end is the place where the emperor would deal with all his armies and have the grandest ceremonies there.

The main halls of the outer and inner are arranged in a Qian triagram representing Heaven, and the inner court has six groups the shape of Kum triagram, representing Earth. Besides that there divisions for the King, the ministers and the officials. The central arch was used by the King, the smaller arch by the ministers and the west used by the royal family. Any space left was covered by the relative officials.

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