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Travel Ideas for 2009: Rent A Private Island

The charms of a Private Island is universal. They are exuberantly expensive to buy and very few can afford to rent them. Private Islands in tropical settings are in high demand. These Islands usually cover dozens of acres and are beyond the reach of ordinary folks. Scale down those Islands and you get very affordable Private Islands; Miniature Islands or tiny little islands with enough space for one to two bedroom homes and a backyard to grill some fish.

las isletas nicaragua 2

Above is one of Islands located in Lake Cocibolca. It is also known as Las Isletas, Nicaragua. It is one of 360+ very small islands, formed by volcanic activity. Most of them are nothing more than a Rock.

Above is another private island we found in Thousand Islands, the Great Lakes.

Three story home above is known as  Dunbar Rock located in Guanaja, Honduras. It’s for sale – at an almost achievable $1.7million.

Not all Private Islands are in Sea. You can find them in any water reservoir. Eighteenmile Island located in Columbia River near Mosier, Oregon might look uninhabited but it actually have a three-storey wooden house built in 1969. Sold Last year for $1.4 million.

Towan Island near Newquay in Cornwall, England once claimed to be the world’s smallest inhabited island. but then EU ruled that its a rock. as Island is only where more than 50 residents live. so If you can’t afford an Island. thou shalt seek a rock. Private Rock that is.

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