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New Immigration Rules In UK; If You are Poor, You Cant Stay

New immigration policy has been announced in UK. The bottom line of the new policy is that if your are a migrant worker in United Kingdom, You better be earning a minimum of £35,000 each year. If your don’t then we will not allow you to be settled in UK. No British Passport for you.

This policy however does not apply to migrant workers from EU member states. These New Immigration Rules will be effective from April 6th , 2012.


This new immigration policy is being appalled by almost everybody who is of sane mind. It is ridiculous and let me say that ministers have gone mad. UK’s whole national health system depends on services provided by migrant nurses. Britain’s education system relies on migrant teachers. More than 40% of IT professionals in UK are migrant workers. If the new immigration rules go live as they are going to be, there would be an exodus of huge proportions.

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