Mt. Huashan Hiking Trail

Last week I stumbled across this beautiful story about Mt. Huashan Hiking Trail. If you are looking for thrill and excitement of mountain climbing without going through the training and hard work, Mt. Huashan Hiking Trail is for you. It is probably one of the most dangerous and deadly hiking trail in the world.

huashan map

Mt. Huashan is located in middle of China. You can literally walk your way to the top of mountain if you have enough courage.

Huashan 1

Huashan 2

These pictures remind me of movie Kung Fu Panda!

huashan stairway 3 

If the old lady in the above picture can do this walk, so can you.. Just a bit of courage and hardwork.. More Pictures and Full Story here

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  1. I have done this and it is truly breathtaking. A great adrenaline rush. Just remember even if you take the gondola up most of the mountain, it is another 2 hour hike to get to this part of the trail.

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