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    Asia Travel

    10 Amazing Destinations for First Time Travel to Asia

    There are different suggestions of where to go for first trip in Asia. Some may suggest Thailand as it is really famous, the other may recommend Maldives for the ultimate oceanic experiences, this is my own favorite places in Asia :

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    Europe Travel

    Visit Venice Top Things to do

    Venice is undoubtedly a very captivating destination in Italy during my trip. From the medieval architect to the beautiful waterways, it has many things to seduce its visitors. Each traveler has his own reference of Venice, I believe. Many may love the boat ride, the other may be interested in the splendid basilica. Here is my list of top things you should delve into in Venice, Italy : Capture the view from San Giorgio Maggiore The tower offers sweeping view over the city. Importantly, it is less visited than the crowded Campanile di San Marco. Prepare your camera and get ready for a panoramic shoot of Venice ! By the…

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  • fish chip

    Foods You Should Try in London

    London is not only about Big Ben or Thames river. It has plenty of things to seduce every visitors. While culture lovers find the charm of London through famous Buckingham palace or Notting Hill, foodies have so many choice to feast. Here are some best London dishes you should not miss for a travel in London : Fish and Chips It is one of the most popular fast food dishes in England and probably the best known by tourists. Its ingredients consist basically of fish breaded with flour and egg (usually cod or hake) accompanied by chips. It is usually added salt and vinegar. It is a fairly common dish…

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  • vietnam

    Family friendly destinations in Vietnam

    Vietnam is a very diverse destination. From south to north, there appears a big contrast between Mekong Delta and remote mountain of Ha Giang. While independent travelers enjoys vibrant cities like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Vietnam offers great sources for family travel. These are some of the top family friendly destinations in Vietnam :

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