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Travel To Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the special administrative regions of China. This city is a perfect destination for those who want to experience Asian culture without any culture shock. Rife with history of china, this city will provide all the comforts of a big city.

Convenient For Visitors

Travel to this city is hassle free for U.S. citizens as it is possible for U.S. citizens to visit Hong Kong without a travel visa for a month. In addition, it is convenient for visitors as mostly hotel workers, shopkeepers and vendors in this city are well familiar with English and can speak this language, so it is easy to communicate and no need of a Cantonese.

Things you should do in Hong Kong

Hongkong boasts many interesting attractions as well appetizing streets. These are some of my favorite things to do in this bustling city:

Cantonese Food

The visit to Hong Kong cannot complete without eating at local cuisine. Hong Kong is specialized in Cantonese food. The Chinese food is one that Americans are most familiar. Dishes are typically steamed or boiled rather than fried, which makes it a satisfying guilt free meal, basted with the finest fresh ingredients.
For a romantic evening, visitors should indulge in the succulent roast duck, a fire roasted dish deliciously moistened with Soya sauce and honey. For a healthy and savory sensation, the green tea will perfectly complement the meal.

Take a Tram to The Peak

Lying on the elevation of 1300m, the peak offers stunning view to the city and the habour. The best way to enjoy this is probably taking the tramp.For me, it was a very nice experience.

Happy Hour at Lan Wei Fong

This is probably the busiest part of Hong Kong when it turns to be night time. With more than 90 restaurants and bar, it is really lively.

Tai O fishing Village

For me, Tai O is the most nostalgic part of Hong Kong. It is out of the modern life with stilt houses floating over the waterways. The highlight of Tai O comes from not only its quaint lifestyle but also the dried seafood market as well the chances to sample traditional foods.

Other  Attractions

For any tour plan, Visitors must see the Statue Square. Statue Square features some world famous buildings such as the Bank of China tower and HSBC Hong Kong headquarters. It was designed incredibly without a central core.

When visiting Hong Kong, it is necessary to visit the Victoria peak that offers excellent shopping and restaurants. It hosts many kinds of friendly attractions like Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum and Ripley’s Unbelievably Auditorium.

For a relaxing day, Aberdeen at the southern tip of the island is the best place to go. Aberdeen is truly modernized water front resort. There are many more attractions so consult a guide is always helpful.

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