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5 alternative treks in Vietnam

When you scan the travel map for trekking in Vietnam, very often you will find information about Sapa or Mai Chau. However, the country has more breathtaking treks to offer.
From the rugged mountains of Ha Giang to the hidden valley of Pu Luong, these are some perfect option to trek without the crowd :

babe national park

Babe National Park

Being one of the most prominent travel spots in Northeast Vietnam, Babe draws visitors thanks to its gentle lake. This tropical national park is also home to various hill tribe villages which are best accessible by foot.
To explore the highlights of Babe, prepare a 4 days trip combining boat excursion to all the area`s must-see with homestay trek in Tay community.

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ha giang

Ha Giang

Everything you want to see in Sapa, you can experience in Ha Giang: cascading waterfall, friendly locals, colorful markets, and picturesque rice terraces. Adventuring in Ha Giang means more than that since you will have the opportunity to capture the stunning mountain panorama, untouched valleys.
If you need another reason to encourage your trip to Ha Giang, it is totally unspoiled.

Expert tips for Ha Giang packing: it is advisable to carry very good trekking shoes,  knee brace for hikers and warm clothes if your trip is in winter

pu luong

Pu Luong

This hidden gem is about 3,5 hours far from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. It showcases the rich Thai culture reflecting through stilt villages, green rice paddies as well as various traditional workshops.
With the arrival of a new luxury ecolodge, trekking in Pu Luong can be treated as a comfortable escape into nature.

mu cang chai

Mu Cang Chai

Gaining the title of the most beautiful rice terraces in Vietnam, Mu Cang Chai is everything about rice. The trek here involves lots of descending and ascend but very worthy with photogenic scenery and friendly, random local encounters.
Mu Cang Chai turns really busy during its festival time as well rice planting season from June to October. If you expect green travel, opt for the Mu Cang Chai ecolodge for an exceptional view.

bac ha market

Bac Ha

When most of the travelers come to Bac Ha for its well-known Sunday market, this hill station is actually a great trekking hub. Your trek adventure in Bac Ha can be pleasant with an easy hike through Hmong Village, seeing how they make corn wine, cultivating corn and rice, or challenging with cross-jungle trail or village to village paths.
Apart from the magnificent landscapes, Bac Ha has so many weekly markets which happen on different days of the week, an intriguing chance to meet Phu La, Flower Hmong, Nung people.


Known as the most photogenic hill station in central Vietnam, Dalat houses numerous mountains dotted by pine forests. Trekking in Dalat may not need great physic but it is still very rewarding.
If you fancy trekking plus waterfall hopping or experience unique ethnic life then Dalat is a perfect choice.

Hot Trekking Spot ?

Cao Bang
Most of the travel guide only mention about Cao Bang as the destination for Ban Gioc Waterfall, the most beautiful one in the country. The province is now opening for incredible treks including the visit to Black Lo Lo hill tribe. To get all the details for this adventure, check the site of