Travel Tips

5 Best Must Have Tools during Traveling

Got a big trip coming up? If so, you’re probably scrambling around and trying to decide what to pack. Since travel can be stressful enough without having to decide what to put on our “To Pack” list, I’ve gathered together the things that will make my trip more enjoyable and hassle free. Read on to see my top picks for must-have tools for fun and stress-free travel.

My Smartphone

Since I use it all the time at home, why not use it all the time on a trip?  A smartphone can get us access to all sorts of travel-related apps and features. We can check the news, access emails, upload pictures to Facebook, and tweet about our travels all with just our phone and access to Wi-fi (if we don’t want to pay for data outside the region). I can’t imagine living without it wherever I go.

A Sat-Nav App

One of the main anxieties for many people when they are in a new place is how to get around without getting lost. The best way to handle this fear is to have a good satellite navigation app with up-to-date information about the place we will be visiting. There is a plethora of free apps for the major operating systems, including iOS, Android and the new Blackberry 10 OS. However, many ursers recommend apps like Waze or OpenStreetMap, which receive regular updates from communities of users. Should definitely have this app on our phone and don’t worry if we get lost!

A Photo Editing App

Want to decorate a Facebook page with stunning pictures of our trip, to the envy of all our friends? A good photo-editing app will help us turn pictures that are “just okay” into winning shots that do our trip justice. Aside from the ubiquitous Instagram, we can also get high-quality effects from apps like Hipstamatic, which offers a beautiful selection of filters.

We can also perform more sophisticated edits with apps like Photoshop Express, or work with RAW files with apps like Digital Negative. Trust me you will want to be there again after looking back at those pictures!

TripIt: An App to Stay Organized

TripIt helps us keep all of our travel documents in one place. All of our e-tickets, car rental papers and hotel reservations can be stored in our phone and presented at the right time, therefore saving us the trouble of shuffling through a folder of hard copies. We can even upgrade to TripIt Pro for real-time updates on flight delays and traffic updates, as well as access to all of our Frequent Flyer miles across multiple accounts. I find it is very helpful and keep me stay organized!

A Currency Converter App

Traveling internationally? If we’re going to be dealing with multiple currencies, then a converter app will definitely help us keep track of how much money we’re spending. Apps like XE Currency Converter not only allow us to convert between different currencies, but they also give us daily updates of the exchange rates for all of the world’s currencies. We can also download helpful apps like MyAccountant to help manage our finances from the road. Don’t be surprise if the prices in that country are way to expensive in our currency!

What are some other necessary electronic items for the smartphone-savvy traveler? Share your thoughts in the comments below!