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Best Scenic Drives & Rides in Italy

Italy is full of so many exciting things which you seldom find anywhere else in the world. There is a lot to see about the ancient Roman civilization and heritage. A part from that, there are many scenic drives and rides which you can enjoy and make your trip one of the most memorable one. Some of the best scenic drives and rides of Italy have been discussed below:

1. Strada delle Dolomiti

It is included in the best scenic drives of Europe. It has a beautiful location that is; it falls through the green mountains for 66 miles between Bolzano and Cortina. As you go along, you find numerous vistas and dozens of white bright snow-caped peaks. They are really high. 18 of these snow covered peaks have a height of more than 3000 meters. It is delight for all those people who are greatly fascinated by the snow and beauties of nature.

2. Amalfi coast Drive

It is a low-lane road which clings to the hillside. It is simply marvelous with forested mountains at its one side and plunging cliffs and azure blue Mediterranean on the other. You can view the place and experience the awesome beauties of nature. There are many attractions on Amalfi Coast which pull the people almost from all over the world. Public transportation is also easily available and it has got its own charm and fun. Check out the references for 2 weeks on amalfi coast.

3. Campania by Water

It is the most interesting place to enjoy around Campania. This is the only way which leads you to Capri. You can also go to Capri from helicopter but if you want to adopt land route, this is the only way.

The main ports are Naples and Sorrento. Dozens of departures are made in high seasons because millions of people come to enjoy this beautiful place.

4. Mt. Etna, Sicily

People normally don’t find the volcanic mountains fascinating but this one is the most beautiful volcanic mountain of Europe with an elegant peak. You can have a thrilling and adventurous ride. A visit to Mt. Etna is simple exciting. If you ever get a chance to visit Italy, don’t miss a chance to visit this magnificent place of heaven.

These places are really awesome. They attract the people from all parts of the world, who specially come to visit Italy and this natural treasure. It makes their trips a bit more thrilling, adventurous and exciting. People really enjoy while having a visit to such scenic places.

Every city has got its own unique and peculiar characteristics which distinguish it from others. It is not like a city is more superior or beautiful, but each is equally attractive. It actually depends on the people, which place they really choose to spend their vacations but such scenic places are visited by everyone who comes to Italy.

So, if you ever go to Italy there is a lot to see and enjoy. The best thing about Italy is the rich and colorful heritage of Roman civilization. But there are many other places where you can go, enjoy the time, witness the beauty, and make your tour one of the best ones. So don’t miss to visit these scenic places of Italy.