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    Top Places to Visit in France

    France is an enticing country for both romance seeker and cultural enthusiasts. After 10 years living in France, I have found France so diverse and wealthy. From north to south, it boasts a wide range of contrasts. You`ll easily tempted by regional dishes, distinctive ” paysage” that can features your lifetime experience. Each person coming to France has their own favorite travel list, this is my recommendation for best places to visit in France:

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  • tuscany

    Top 3 Off The Beaten Track Places to Visit in Tuscany

    You are likely already familiar with many of Tuscany’s famous cities like Florence, Pisa, and Siena. But there is so much more to Tuscany than these big cities. In this post, I’m going to share with you the 3 best places to visit in Tuscany that you have probably never heard of. (all three cities are well known)

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  • rome

    Rome Travel Guide for First Timer

    One of the premier destinations in Italy, Rome in a very inspirational city. It boasts the true Italian romance, beautiful architect, stunning cuisine and so much fun-packed things to immerse into. This travel guide for first time visiting Rome is proposed by Annalisa Fran, a true normad blogger from Rome. It provides insightful view of the city that you may not find anywhere else : How many days you need to see the best of Rome ? To explore Rome in fast space when you are very energetic and love to move fast, give yourself at least 3 days. If you love to travel at a more relaxed pace, reserve…

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    Europe Travel

    Visit Venice Top Things to do

    Venice is undoubtedly a very captivating destination in Italy during my trip. From the medieval architect to the beautiful waterways, it has many things to seduce its visitors. Each traveler has his own reference of Venice, I believe. Many may love the boat ride, the other may be interested in the splendid basilica. Here is my list of top things you should delve into in Venice, Italy : Capture the view from San Giorgio Maggiore The tower offers sweeping view over the city. Importantly, it is less visited than the crowded Campanile di San Marco. Prepare your camera and get ready for a panoramic shoot of Venice ! By the…

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