Family friendly destinations in Vietnam

Vietnam is a very diverse destination. From south to north, there appears a big contrast between Mekong Delta and remote mountain of Ha Giang. While independent travelers enjoys vibrant cities like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Vietnam offers great sources for family travel.
These are some of the top family friendly destinations in Vietnam :

Halong Bay

Located by the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong is the most outstanding destination in northern Vietnam. Studded by hundreds of island, this iconic site treasures beautiful beaches, stunning seascapes as well fascinating local culture.
What makes kids occupied during 2 -3 days cruising are: interesting national park visits, unique Tai Chi exercises, appetizing Vietnam cooking class on board.The bay isn’t lack of exciting activities such as kayaking through hidden lagoon, exploring caves.

Another beautiful alternative is Bai Tu Long Bay. This stunning area tempts all visitors with impressive karst limestone islets, secluded small beaches and amazing waters for outdoor.

For a less touristic journey, take a Halong Bay tour from Cat Ba  or exploring Monkey island.

hanoi food


Hanoi is the cultural rendezvous of East and West, Old and New. For the first touch of Vietnam, Hanoi showcases its rich history through French colonial buildings, exotic Old Quarter with lively markets and skyscrapers rising in many parts of the city.
What I recommend in Hanoi is to explore its quaint streets, taking a food tour and at least see Water puppet near Hoan Kiem Lake.
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pu luong
pu luong

Pu Luong Mountains

If you expect a holiday that brings educational chances with adventure then Pu Luong is a perfect choice. This hidden gems is home to cascading waterfalls, verdant rice terraces and dense tropical forest.
A 5 days trip to Pu Luong finds your children hiking through picturesque mountains, appreciate the life of friendly Thai hill tribe or learn about Vietnam nature.
Though it is far from major touristic attraction, Pu Luong still have world class resort or eco-friendly lodges that are designed to attract families.

son doong

Quang Binh Province

This is a trendy destination in Vietnam. Quang Binh has beaches, mountain and especially a World Unesco Heritage site called Phong Nha, a cave complex, mostly recognized by Son Dong, the world’s biggest cave.
A perfect plan for an active family is to spend 4 days adventuring into the Phong Nha national park then head to Nhat Le for beach hopping.

hoi an

Hoi An

This little town is also recognized as a World Heritage site but Hoi An has something to charm every visitors. The most outstanding character of Hoi An is the mixture of different cultures : Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese reflecting through ancient temples, bridge and traditional workshops.
For market hopping, you will find many tasty snacks, sweeties at the central market.
Something only for your family ? make your way to participate in the unique basket tour or travel over the waters of Pacific ocean to Cham island.

Nha Trang

Lying by one of the most beautiful bays in Asia, Nha Trang is an ideal spot to place your beach escape. Personally, Nha Trang has so much value for money. You can select a wide range of seafood with cheap price.
When beach itself does not meet your expectation, think about island safaris with chances to do scuba diving, temple visit.