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My Favorite Things in Bangkok

My first trip to Bangkok was back to 2012 and I kept visiting the city whenever I have chance to extend a night for a transit flight. The city is busy, vibrant and very enticing. Apart from the famous sites like Royal Palace, Wat Arun pagoda, there are so many fun-packed things to do in Bangkok. Here are my favorite experiences of Bangkok :

river cruise bangkok

A night river cruise on Chao Phray

I was much inspired by the sparkling photo from many travelers who captured Wat Arun during the evening time then I decided to take a cruise to do the same thing. It was a very nice experience, a different way to appreciate the postcard landscape of Chao Phray river and the city.
If you looking for great ideas of where to stay in Bangkok, follow this interesting suggestion of Bangkok Accommodations

tuk tuk bangkok

Ride a Tuk Tuk

Though it is a very popular activity, Tuk tuk adventure is still recommended for first timer, especially for those who want to immerse in the exotic street of Thai and feel the busy traffic like no other.
If you prefer something more unique, take a lighting tuk tuk in the evening.
Tuk Tuk tour can be a very fascinating part of any Bangkok Itinerary

Street Foods in Style !

Undoubted, Bangkok is a delightful destination for foodie. This foodie city has wide array of foods for your choice. Before you venture further, make sure you taste 10 best Thai foods
As I have been to Bangkok several time, these are some discoveries that impresses my tastes very much

insect food

Backyard – Heaven for Insect

Even you do not like the insect, the food decoration at Backyard is still attractive. From grasshopper to silkworms, the foods are full of vitamin.
Head there from 4 to 11.00pm, you will like it.
The insect dishes reminds me very much about snacks they served in some pagodas in Myanmar but really higher gastronomy level.

Flying chicken restaurant

I read about this restaurant through a unique blog about Bangkok. It is a really serious business, not joking at all !
You will be firstly impressed by how the cook the chicken then they delivered by unicycle. No need to mention, the dish was delicious !
Suan Aharn Kraton serves from 5.00pm till 01.00am

Noodle Dessert ?

If you never think that noodle can be served as a dessert then think twice at Ah Yi Wan Yen. This small restaurant has a genius idea to add bean, pine nuts with noodle in a bowl with their sweet soup, it is a perfect treat !

Mo & Moshi

Another dessert

Don’t go alone ! You will be jealous with others when the waiter bring them a huge bowl full of chocolate, ice cream and fruit.
Check out the mouth washing dessert atĀ Mo & Moshi

chang chui market
Wanna meet King Kong ?

Visit Chang Chui Market

This market is one of the free things to do in Bangkok. It built with abundant ideas of art, inspiration and quite unusual. The very first thing you will see is a big old plane right at the center then an exhibition of animals, huge objects. Chang Chui is a perfect place to continue your foodie journey in Bangkok

thai dance
Photo: Jamie Willis

Watch Thai Dance at National Theatre

A nice place to entertain with traditional dance performed by real Thai artists. There are many historic stories depicted through the dance, it is the best to watch it with a Thai friend or a tour guide who can introduce you further than just the grateful movement.

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