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Life In Costa Rica

Are you fatigued with your humdrum life, full of work and the similar environment? Are you facing mental distress and anxiety or maybe you cannot tolerate the disturbances in your country? Then it’s time for you to take a valuable decision. If you wish to seek a serene and peaceful life away from destitution and misery, surrounded by beautiful landscape and moderate climate, then Costa Rica is the place to be.

Location and geographical features:

Costa Rica officially the Republic of Costa Rica  is a country in Central America bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the east and south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and south and the Carribean Sea to the east. This dreamland is densely covered by rain forest, vibrant and colorful life, tamed volcanoes and amazing beaches. Over all Costa Rica is a beautiful and peaceful country with a low cost of living as compared to United States of America and Canada.

Owning Property:

Foreign residents and tourists can own a house and property in Costa Rica, and there are houses, condos and apartments available for rent in most areas of the countryand you don’t necessarily need to be a resident of the country to own property. The real estate market in the region is rapidly growing and great bargain deals are available here for the expatriates who wish to make Costa Rica their new home. You should link with real estate professionals in the country to purchase property, so you are not victimized by the fake property sellers.

Tax benifits:

Property taxes are generally lower in Costa Rica than in North America and many other countries. As a foreign resident, you will not pay income taxes on foreign pensions or income generated outside of Costa Rica, but you may have to pay taxes on income generated in Costa Rica. Businesses income, after expenses, is taxed, and there is a 13% sales tax on goods and services, including restaurants, hotels, and entertainment.


Costa Rica has both private and public health care systems, and there is reasonable insurance available for both. The private clinics, doctors, specialists and laboratories are all quickly accessible and modestly priced compared to North America. Overall, health care is rated as good in Costa Rica. There are also reasonably priced dentists and periodontists available, who provide quality service. Costa Rica like any other country in the world, does have an amount of crime rate Therefore, exercise common sense and protect your valuables, regardless of the place you stay at.

It is recommended that anyone considering moving to Costa Rica,should first come here as a tourist. The longer you can stay the better you can analyze the place according to your requirements for a new home. It is important that in addition to knowing the logistics of establishing residency and making the move, you get a little taste of what life will be like.