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Nightclubs and bars in Dubai

On the world’s changing scenario of modernization Dubai’s night life has also come a long way since mid 90’s. Dubai cannot be compared with the other happening places around the world but still it has lots of noise, water fountains and entertainment that can drag the young generation for all kind of fun, one is looking for in Dubai.

One can always look for any club as they are open till 3am in the morning, so the timing is not the issue if you are looking to party around with friends. But the time has a restriction on it, just as the clock ticks 3 on the dot everything has to end otherwise the club owners will be charged with fines on them.

You may not find many clubs open during Ramadan and those still manage to keep them open, will surely not serve you with dance, music and drinks. The rest of the year you would find them open with a lively environment with music streaming in and world class DJs appearing on the scene on regular basis such as Hed Kandi and Groove Armada (at Trilogy), Paul van Dyke, DJ Tiesto (at Madinat Arena – not a nightclub), DJ Krafty Kuts (at IBO), Eric Morillo (at Trilogy), Ferry Corsten and Schiller at Peppermint Club, are few to name for the appearance on the music scene.

During the time period from December 2007 to February 2008, all the outdoor venues with music playing at loud volumes were ordered by the DTCM (Dubai Department of Tourism, Commerce, Marketing) to turn the music down at the minimum volume, making the people to feel themselves as muppets moving on the light volumes. This confirmed the rumors that the DTCM (Dubai Department of Tourism, Commerce, and Marketing) is not in favor of promoting tourism in Dubai. But in mid of February 2008 the restriction have been lifted in many clubs.

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Cover Charges to Enter in a Night Club or a Bar

Early in the year 2000, there was no or rare cover charges to enter in a night club or a bar in Dubai. But with the passage of time and opening of new clubs in the happening arena and more people looking for a perfect place and with the music pouring in from all the well known DJs around the world, few clubs charged between 13 dollars to 27 dollars which sometimes include a drink or two, while other offer 27 dollars to 50 dollars for the music rolling in by some famous DJs. But on the other hand, there are still a number of clubs and bars that offer free entry especially on weeknights. Thursday is considered as the biggest party night to celebrate around. Friday nights are still popular among the masses as the Dubai weekend has changed from Thursday/Friday to Friday/ Saturday in September 2006 but there are still majority of people who work on Saturday keep the Friday night still alive to party.

How Can You Join a Night Club?

Its easy to enter in a night club in Dubai just as it is easy to walk in any night club, bar or pub in any country in any part of the world. It’s just a piece of cake for women and couples to make their way in any such place but equally difficult for single men. But you can always take your any female friend to get you enter in.
It would be much better if you reserve your entry in advance with a bottle for which you would be liable to pay a few dollars. The only restriction you would face is to get yourself dressed in perfect attire not in the local ones as your appearance counts a lot in this regard.

Membership in Dubai Nightclubs

Though some night clubs offer memberships but according to law these “members only” night clubs cannot refuse anyone from entering in a club even if you are not a member.

Some Rules to Follow in These Night Clubs

There are many top notch night clubs in Dubai to name with few of them who offer the best services with the best music and drinks. Drinking in public is a serious offense so avoid doing that in first place and you have to be 21 at age to drink.

Follow the dress code or at least one should be dressed properly with the perfect appearance. Take along your partner or a female friend, if you really want to get in!

Top-notch nightclubs and bars in Dubai

Following are the top-notch nightclubs and bars in Dubai:

Jumeirah Beach Hotel

The Apartment Lounge, Jumeirah Beach Hotel is one the most happening nightlife venue located in Dubai with the exclusive variety of world class DJs, making the night to alive for you along with some well known local DJs.


KASBAR is another late night disco club and one the most popular place to hangout with friends on weeknights. Kasbar remains open till 3a.m with almost everything to offer you.

Grand Hyatt

Mix, Grand Hyatt offers you all the variety from exciting and thrilling music, disco floor to chill out lounge. It offers everything you are looking for tonight!

Crown Plaza Hotel

Zinc, Crown Plaza Hotel is yet another place to chill and have fun with its soothing décor and space that would be enough for you to roll on disco floor with the hottest music played for you from the best DJs.

Dubai Marine Beach Resort

Boudoir, Dubai Marine Beach Resort is one of the places where you would find every luxury coming in, meeting all the standards of the elite class. It is perhaps the right place for you to enjoy everything you want.

The above mentioned night clubs and hotels are just few to name out of the pool of nightclubs and bars in Dubai. The list doesn’t end in here. There are many other nightclubs on the list too where you would find all the perfect nightlife that will make your life with all that once could offer at its best with the perfect ambience, music, dance floors, people, drink and last but not the least the food.