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South Africa a Dream Destination

South Africa is now progressing from its apartheid status allowing increase in tourism. Tourists have the opportunity to tour this beautiful area with rare animals. It is known about Africans that they are very close to GOD because of the difficulties they had to face.

Plan before Traveling

Tourists must research about the countries dynamics before leaving. Adding to this before traveling to South Africa tourist should also be aware of AIDS and poverty which are very common there. There are many camps set up there like WHO or World Health Organization that help those who are suffering from diseases or poverty. In result more people are now willing to come and see this exciting place.

Famous places to discover

The area of South is famous for diverse cultures so for that it is known as rainbow country. Moreover if we talk about traveling it has number of regions in it. There are eleven famous regions that a tourist must explore. There is something special for everyone especially in small towns. Oudtshoorn is a town in Klein Karoo which is famous for its natural beauty and ostriches with famous ostrich dishes.Further tourists can explore mansions and massive caves; these caves are mostly used for choir concerts. Visit to pilgrims rest is must it is a beautiful place in Mpumalanga which reminds of the famous old digging days. There are also graveyards historic gravesites of 1880s. Then there is a trout fishing capital in Dullstroom which should not be missed by fishermen’s. Some other unique towns that must be visited are Groot Marico, Darling and Franschoek.

Languages in South Africa

There are eleven official languages spoken in South Africa even then most of them speak English. Tourists will come across these languages English, Afrikaans, Northern Sotho, Xhosa, Venda, Tswana, Southern Sotho, Zulu, Swazi and Tsonga. Some unusual terms like robot means traffic lights and boot means car trunk. To learn further about unusual terms tourists can search online.

Facilities available

In most of the towns and cities facility of credit card is available. Even though checks are accepted still using bankcard is an easy process to withdraw money on daily basis. People can enjoy ATM facility with best exchange rate of that day but however it has a withdrawal fee.

Every September there is a Penguin Festival at Simons Town so its lovers should be excited. They are also working for the project preserve the penguin. For help tourist will be provided by guides, buses and group tours. In addition if one gets a knowledgeable agent they will surely discover wonders and thrills in their trip.