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Top Ecolodges in Asia

Eco Lodges are simply a beautiful concept for responsible tourism. These properties offers not only a distinctive experience but also giving positive impact on local communities.
In Asia, Eco lodges were firstly considered as accommodations that commit for environmental development. From time to time, it is a trendy, rewarded stay for travelers.
Here comes the ideas of top Eco Lodges according to travel experts and bloggers :

hotel jeeva beloam

Jeeva Beloam, Indonesia

This lodge is a perfect answer for those who seek for a unique escape in Lombok, Indonesia.
During the stay, guests are about to be pampered by forest reserves, pristine nature. There is so much to expect from luxury facilities to the sandy paths that lead to the Timor Sea within few minutes walk. Apart from its spectacular setting, outdoor activities are plentiful to make sure you are occupied each day.
Another special character of this resort is it provides electricity only 2 -3 hours everyday in the morning and evening. Be prepared to turn off with the world during the day time and enjoy the best of nature !
Farrel from Indonesia Adventure

Borneo Rainforest Lodge

Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Borneo

Borneo Rainforest Lodge is the only accommodation inside the Danum Valley Conservation Area. This is a rare patch of virgin rainforest in the heart of Borneo. Consequently, it is home to enormous trees and incredible biodiversity. The ecolodge is luxurious but in tune with the natural environment. It is situated on a bend of a river across from a jungle-covered escarpment, which makes a spectacular backdrop for the open-sided restaurant/ lounge of the main lodge building. Rooms are accessed along elevated boardwalks. They are beautiful and comfortable, but have fans only to help keep the lodge more environmentally friendly.
There are plenty of hikes to do in the area, and all hikes are guided. This not only employs local people who are then invested in preserving the fragile environment, it also helps keep travelers from getting lost; makes sure visitors stick to the trails; and helps travelers see more, as the guides are experts at spotting wildlife. Seeing orangutans and colorful birds, including hornbills, is common here.

Other highlights include a canopy walk and night hikes/ drives. A wooden walkway has been built through the canopy level of part of the rainforest, complete with swinging bridges and climbing towers. This not only puts you at the level of much of the wildlife and birdlife, it also keeps you clear of the leeches (yes, there are leeches – this is a tropical rainforest) if they bother you. Night walks include the possibility of seeing lizards, flying frogs and birds, and on a night drive in the back of an open-air truck with a guide and a powerful spotlight you may see flying giant squirrels, flying lemurs and even a rare clouded leopard.

James Ian at Travel Collecting

topas lodge
topas lodge

Topas Ecolodge, Vietnam

Overlooking the stunning valley of Ban Ho, Topas Ecolodge is an intrigue oasis to get out of the Sapa touristic town in north Vietnam. There is nothing better that waking up with mountain panorama right out of your bungalow`s windows.
As the lodge perches on a mountain edge, guests are about to behold rice terraces, waterfalls and hill tribe villages right from your balcony.
With the additional of the infinitive pool, this rewarding resort has more to lure travelers.

Topas Ecolodge also contributes a lot to the local communities by recruiting and training local staffs as well bringing more benefit to its nearby villages by making more tour packages to learn about local culture.
Tan from Sapa Travel Expert


li an lodge

Li An Lodge, Guilin, China

For those who want to escape from the bustling cities of China, Li An lodge is one of the top choices. The photo above simply inspires visitors a lot and it is actually what you will experience.
The lodge has stunning design which rewards 16 rooms with incredible rice terraces view. Apart from that, guests also have time to experience different themes in different rooms. For example, the Calligraphy room showcases the finest Chinese calligraphy arts while the double happiness reflects the Chinese believe through its reddish colors.

Ping – China Travel Expert

Evergreen Eco Lodge, Nepal

Evergreen Eco Lodge in Chitwan, Nepal is the perfect accommodation for anyone seeking eco-friendly accommodation on a budget. Located on the edge of a national park the garden is lush and green all year round. Cosy bamboo cabins are dotted around the grounds or you can opt for the bottle house or converted bus dorm room.

The toilets are all composting and water is heated using solar energy. The café/restaurant offers a delicious range of organic food including many vegan and vegetarian options and there’s not a plastic straw in sight! They also offer water bottle refills to prevent guests from buying single-use plastic.

Evergreen Eco Lodge employs only local staff and offers eco-friendly tour options such as canoe and walking tours through the national park and washing (not riding) elephants at a nearby sanctuary. In a world of green-washing, this is a truly sustainable accommodation option.

Rohan Cahill-Fleury from Life with Less