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Visit Venice Top Things to do

Venice is undoubtedly a very captivating destination in Italy during my trip. From the medieval architect to the beautiful waterways, it has many things to seduce its visitors. Each traveler has his own reference of Venice, I believe. Many may love the boat ride, the other may be interested in the splendid basilica.
Here is my list of top things you should delve into in Venice, Italy :

Capture the view from San Giorgio Maggiore

The tower offers sweeping view over the city. Importantly, it is less visited than the crowded Campanile di San Marco.
Prepare your camera and get ready for a panoramic shoot of Venice !
By the way, do not go on the hour, the bells rings and you will not like it !

venice boat

gondola ride

Take a Gondola Ride

Undoubtedly, this activity is very famous and recommended in all travel guide. I still think it is worth a ride to uncover some of the best parts of Venice.
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kayak venice

Try Venice Kayak

During our journey in Venice, we decided to try something different. Venice Kayak is a reliable tour operator with good guide team who take us through the canals as well less-visited area.
The whole experience is quite unique.
The price starts from 95 euro for a day trip over the water.

barocco opera

Attend I Musici Veneziani

For those who love to see what is a classic music in Italy, I think this show is for you and me.
Personally, I prefer the concert than orchestra for an evening but you have your own choice !


Visit Saint Mark’s Basilica

This is another must-see of Venice. You may have to queue for a long time like in Notre Dame Paris but I think it is worth.
The basilica is known as one of the best examples of Italo-Byzantine architecture.

Where to stay

Venice has wide range of accommodations from budget hostel to the high end options. I did a careful search about hotels in Venice before I touch down its waterways.

Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, ranked 2nd on tripadvisor is a stunning choice. The hotel has impressive swimming pool which overlooks the city like no other. The modern designs combines with its vintage charm makes itself an attraction.
Try to get room with view, you will love it !