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Which Canadian City Should You Visit for Your Next Vacation?

Ontario is a first-class, exciting province in Canada. Made up of diverse cities, the area is noted for its diverse cultural, art, and outdoor activities. With the cities of Ottawa, Toronto, and London, this region offers delights that range from historic buildings and science venues to shopping and dining.

Explore the Ottawa Outdoors

While Ottawa is known for its nightlife, shopping, cultural sites, and the seat of the Canadian Parliament, its outdoors is a welcome getaway. Beaches on Petrie Island are not far from downtown Ottawa where you can find many attractive Ottawa city hotels. The island, which sits in the Ottawa River, provides a sojourn from the city. The area features two beaches on its northeast corner open from May 17 to Sept. 1.

Another outdoors adventure not far from the city is Coulonge Falls. The area has footbridges, pedestrian trails, and a lookout. With a 3,000-foot wooden log slide for the adventurous, the Coulonge Falls pays homage to the area’s history as the site of log drives when timber was a top industry in the region. Other adventures in the area include treetop obstacle courses, rock climbing, daring zip lines, and obstacle courses. Stop by the souvenir shop or take a relaxing break at the canteen, which offers light refreshments you’ll appreciate after a day enjoying the area’s natural wonders and thrills.

Visit Ontario’s Capital City of Toronto

Shopping and other diversions are easily found in bustling Toronto, the capital city of Ontario. The St. Lawrence Market has been in existence since the 17th century. As the city’s oldest market, it is a social center and once served as Toronto’s city hall building. Divided into three buildings of the South Market, the North Market, and St. Lawrence Hall, the areas have individual characters. The South Market features vendors selling food and retail offerings as well as cooking classes at the Market Kitchen. St. Lawrence Hall is home to retail businesses. The North Market is noted for its historic farmers market that has existed since 1803.

In addition to historic markets, Toronto is home to a premier museum. The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the largest museums in the world and the largest in Canada. The museum opened in 1914 and showcases Canadian and international art. With more than 6 million specimens and objects in 40 exhibition and gallery spaces, it is a leader as a museum and research institution.

Discover London’s Culture

Named after the titular city in Great Britain, London, Ontario, is 12 miles from Ottawa. In London, cultural activities abound for visitors. The city is home to the Grand Theatre, which has been present since 1901. Restored to its former grandeur in the late 1970s, the theater is a venue for both music and musicals.

Another must-visit stop in London pays homage to early Canadian rural and pioneer life. The Fanshawe Pioneer Village is an open-air village where living historians interpret the skills and daily activities of those who settled the farms and communities during the founding of London, Ontario.

Plan your next visit to Canada by considering the above cities in Ontario as part of your travel itinerary.