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15 Amazing Travel Destinations for 2021

World Tourism will come back again in 2021. It is a good time to kick off your adventure across the globe. It comes to no surprise, you`ll enjoy more value of your money, extraordinary experiences than the last year.
If you think about taking your luggage and escape to some beautiful travel destinations in 2021, here is my suggestion:

Ha Giang, Vietnam

Vietnam is the first country who opened its doors to welcome foreigners after the epidemic. The country also has launched an attractive campaign to promote its tourism image.
It is a perfect travel destination for 2021 since every service is cheaper and you will get more fun.
Tucked away in north Vietnam, Ha Giang offers thrilling adventures where you can hit the road to secret waterfalls, picturesque rice terraces.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the tourism hub of Indonesia. The island is simply gorgeous : cascading waterfalls, striking cliffs, sun kissed beaches and unique local culture.
In 2021, Bali`s accommodation is some how only 40 – 70% of what it was in 2020. There is no reason to not grab such a good deal to explore the tropical paradise of Bali.

Buriram, Thailand

If you keep thinking about a trip to Thailand for the year 2021, Buriram should be included on your bucket list. It is home to the notable Khmer relics including the Phanom Rung complex, a monument that is compared to the famed Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Adding to ancient ruins, Buriram is a leading sporting venue in the country.
The best time to visit Thailand should be in dry season from late October to April but if you fancy good value for money, summer is a good option.



Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994, Luxembourg is a must for a 2020 adventure trip. Besides the sparkling cityscape, the country has many things to turn it a travelers’ paradise such as beautiful vineyards, magnificent villages, rocky gorges and medieval castles.

Guadalajara, Mexico

Though non-touristy, Guadalajara is a secret to uncover in Mexico. From its colonial architecture to a great selection of lively festivals, art galleries and museums, this city has lots of attractions that can overwhelm travelers of different interests.


Made up of over 80 islands, this picturesque archipelago in Eastern Australia boasts the highest density of languages in the World. It’s highlighted with numerous natural wonders such as rich wildlife, untouched beaches and rugged islands. Visitors enjoy worthwhile hiking adventures and scuba diving that reveal abundant marine species.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu needs no introduction. It always take the spotlight on tourism radar of Peru. Before you may have to wait very long time to register for a trek to this wondrous archaeological site. In 2021, it becomes much easier.
It is a perfect time to uncover the secret of Inca civilisation,  immersing into the grandeurs of Peru mountains where the time forgets.
A guided Machu Picchu tour organized by an local agency is highly recommended.

Aberdeen, Scotland

Because of the gleaming white stones used on most buildings, Aberdeen is dubbed “the granite city”. Located in the northeastern region of Scotland, the city ranks the third-largest in the country. It showcases a wealth of spectacular allures such as romantic ruins, galleries, museums and coastal scenery. ( the sentence has no grammar problem but I dont really get the meaning. It does not show something interesting )

Courtenay, BC, Canada

For a glimpse of Canada’s ever praised charm, Courtenay has plenty to relish. This city is located in the Comox Valley amid dramatic mountain ranges, bohemian villages and alpine meadows; this makes it a suitable base for outdoor adventurers.

Ubatuba, Brazil

If you wish to soak up Brazil’s spotless shorelines, Ubatuba is a must-visit. It has over 100 beaches and varied surfing sites; this is the reason why it hosts many surf championships per year. Aside from that, the destination attracts several paulistanos with nature and spectacular coastlines. The city also fascinates adventurers with incredible hiking expeditions via trails that wind through the lush Atlantic rainforests.

Loire Valley, France

There are timeless castles, vineyard and photogenic landscapes await your exploration in Loire Valley. It is hard to visit 28 castles for a day. So make sure you keep at least 2 days to enjoy the most remarkable sites.
Loire Valley is just few hours drive from Paris. It could be an ideal day tours if you have short time too.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo (Japan’s capital) is notable for its eye-catching cityscapes, but it is a highlight for lovers of sports in 2020. Summer Olympics are scheduled to start from July to August within the city. Other than that, trippers will have the opportunity to immerse the city’s most sought-after spots such as Meiji Jingu, Tokyo tower, Imperial palace and more.

Kerala, India

With its stretching coffee plantations, stunning Arabian Sea views and palm-lined coast, Kerala is the most beautiful sight in South India. Visitors to the region are inspired by a lot of things embodying beaches, mountains, plunging waterfalls and lakes. For its beauty, all thanks go to the states’ responsible tourism program that encourages Eco tourism.

Malindi, Kenya

Kenya is endowed with a plethora of amazing spots, but Malindi is exceptional. This coastal village comes with stunning natural beauty, brawny palms and structures that display Swahili grandeur. In addition to luscious fresh seafood, beach hopping and natural features, this beach town is a grand base to soak up Malindi National Park’s diverse aquatic life.

Maastricht, Netherlands

Last on our list, Maastricht is among Netherland’s most appreciated cities to lure you in 2021. A combination of Roman history, narrow streets and numerous historic sites leaves most travelers just hoping for a revisit. In March 2021, thousands of travelers are expected to join TEFAF Maastricht, one of the largest art fairs in the World.