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List of 10 Most Dangerous Countries For Tourists

There are many ways of doing something very exiting and entertaining but above all is traveling. Traveling is the hobby of many individuals in this great world. People usually go to spend some time with their family once a year. This is really great fun but it depends on the location you choose. Sometimes the location can be dangerous. If you are planning to travel one of the following countries it could be dangerous. The countries mentioned below are famous for their kidnap cases and the ransom demand usually in six to eight figures. You must have heard in news about these kidnappings. The average money paid for these cases ranges up to 6 Million USD.

1. Haiti

It is one of the least developed countries in America. Eighty percent of the population is living below the line of poverty. They kidnap the rich Haitians, envoys, NGO workers and tourists. Over half of the population is illiterate and they make up their revenue by kidnapping. Portau Prince, the capital city of this country is flourishing with the street crimes and gangs. If you are still thinking to leave for Haiti, then the multicolored art, fascinating and vibrant culture and music and spiritual people are its main attractions.

2. Iraq

This is the country which is flourished by Sumerians and Babylonians in ancient times. After the invasion of America in 2003, the country is in the state of disorder and chaos. Kidnapping cases (of foreign tourists) are reported on regular basis in this country but it comes to surprise that it is one of the most visited place in this era.

3. Afghanistan

In the past this country was the center of ancient empires. But in the past twenty five years this country has changed into a state of disorder and war and is in volatile situation. Now days this country is under the war which is led by NATO against Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Foreigners are targeted frequently. It is recommended to avoid get together, traveling alone especially at night. Embassies are often targeted by suicide bombers.

4. Chechnya

Southern part of Russia is in the state of a war between Russian forces and Chechen separatists, after the collision of Russian Federation in 1991. This area is rich in natural resources like petrochemicals, natural gas and oil etc but the infrastructure in deteriorating day by day. If you forget about this prevailing situation at all then, this country is blessed by beautiful mountainside, mineral waterfalls which make it a great spa center.

5. Nigeria

It is the most populous country of Africa. The people living here belong to 200 different races which is the major cause of shaking economy. This country is also famous for its emails scams. Moe than 200 oil workers have been kidnapped in this country and the issue had always been resolved by ransom money. According to reports, these foreign workers were working near the Niger Delta. The areas like Bakassi Peninsula, Bayelsa or the Delta are famous for kidnappings and habitat of armed gangs. There is high risk of getting infected by Malaria and AIDS/HIV. Travelers are also advised to be vaccinated against yellow fever before entering in the country.

6. Philippines

This is the land of nearly 7,107 islands. People are very friendly. But some areas of this country are not recommended for traveling like North Cotabato, Mindanao, Zamboanga peninsula, Basilan, Tawi-Tawi and the Sulu archipelago. Apart from robberies and kidnappings there are other threats as well. Local people mix drugs in the drinks of the visitors which can make them unconscious in minutes. Some cases are reported where the tourists not only lose their wealth and also lose their body parts like kidneys.

7. Venezuela

If you just keep aside the street crime, kidnappings and political instability, then Venezuela is the country of spectacular landscapes and longest waterfalls. If you are planning to visit this country then beware of pickpockets. Street crimes usually occur and are a part of daily routine. If you are in Venezuela then don’t try to look as tourists i.e. don’t wear jewelry or watches don’t hold maps in your hands avoid taking pictures and don’t visit poor areas. It is advisable to stay in the area allocated and safe for tourists.

8. Colombia

The major attractions here are;

  • National parks
  • High mountains,
  • Cruise boats or
  • Soaring skyscrapers

It seems that it is least troubled visiting country. Ruling body is doing its best to improve safety conditions but still drug dealers, kidnappers, murders are lowering its value for tourism. Guerilla operations are prevailing in the rural areas of the country. The visitors should especially avoid border areas.

9. Brazil

Swarming with beaches and natural forests, it is the largest country in South America. It is continent’s most lively and multicolored place. Kidnapping of visitors is a usual thing. Pickpockets are also wandering down the street so leave all your costly items in the hotel. Brazil is also facing the increasing number of patients suffering form yellow fever and dengue fever.

10. Mexico

With the most vibrant and colorful mixture of city life and ancient way of living, Mexico is still in the list of dangerous country for visitors. Street crimes, kidnappings, corruption is prevailing in the country especially in the border areas like Tijuana, Nogales or Juarez. As advised above it is better not to look like a tourist and dress up like the native people.
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