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Cabo San Lucas: Travel Guide

Cabo San Lucas is the picture perfect destination for travelers who want to enjoy summers at their best. Cabo San Lucas, once a hangout for pirates is now arguably one of the most famous tourist destinations.

The locality is surrounded by the sea and desert, making it a very attractive prospect for visiting. Want a tan? Visit Cabo San Lucas, where temperature rises above 70 degrees at day time.

Cabo San Lucas – Perfect Tourist Destination

The village of Cabo San Lucas is located near the Baja coast line of Mexico. The village has been nicknamed as Cabo after being evolved from a simple fishing village to a famous tourist resort. One may come to Cabo San Lucas with family and enjoy a historical tour of the village. The small village of Cabo comprises of 40,000 hospitable residents who are ever present for help.

Location of Cabo San Lucas, the Golfing Capital

The Cabo San Lucas village is located at quite a unique location. It is bordered by the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Tourists who visit Cabo San Lucas are most likely to visit a gold playing resort as well. Cabo San Lucas is also known as the golfing capital of Mexico. A reason for Cabo`s fame are the six world class golf championship courses present in Cabo.

Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Visitors can enjoy the warm days in Cabo San Lucas. Some may even decide to go for a fishing trip. The fishing facility was once only confined to private yacht owners.

Today, just anybody can hire a boat and set out on a trip to sea for fishing. A family of four may visit Cabo San Lucas or a newlywed couple may visit Cabo at least once to be mesmerized by the beauty of this village.

Activities for Visitors in Cabo San Lucas

Apart from fishing, there are many other activities that tourists can undertake while in Cabo San Lucas. ATV rides, golfing, parasailing and swimming are few of the famous sporting activities available in Cabo. The bay of Santa Maria and Chileno are famous for snorkeling and thus, many people enjoy this healthy water sport.

Glass Factory of Cabo – Glass Work for Tourists

The glass factory of Cabo San Lucas is another impressive feature of the small village. Tourists may visit the glass factory and see for themselves how glass is made. The special demonstration is free of cost and visitors must stay at least ten feet away from the demonstration for their own safety. Glasswork found in Cabo San Lucas is quite famous and one may even purchase this glass work from a local shop.