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Top 10 Metro Stations in Paris

Paris is city of perfumes, colors and lights. One of most beautiful cities of the world, art lover’s city. But here I won’t talk about the masterpieces of art, which are found in museums. Almost everyone knows about that, this time I am talking about the beautiful Metro stations all over Paris.

Most of the Metro Stations looks similar because of their well-known nouveau styled art entrances. But you can’t observe that beauty from outside or just passing by the Metro entrances. Buy a transit ticket, which much cheaper than a museum entry fee and go underground.

Here are the few most beautiful Metro stations of Paris.

1 – Louvre-Rivoli Station on Metro line 1

That’s the one of many stations, which are decorated so beautifully that station looks like the monument and this is the thing, which attracts more.

There are so many replicas of art, which are in Lourve Museum, can be seen at Lourve Rivoli station. In 1989 Lourve Pyramid was built because of that now there is no direct access to Museum from Metro, to reach the Museum you have to access through Palais Royal station.

2 – Abbesses Station on Metro Line 12

The Abbesses station is another art nouveau stations it still haves glass canopy at the entrance.

This is one of those Metro stations, which were deigned by Hector Guimard, who was having task for art nouveau stations all over the city. There is another artistic beauty of Abbesses station that’s graffiti covered walls of the staircase below to platforms. The act of vandalism had become the most beautiful feature of this Metro station.

3 – Cite Station on Metro Line 4

It’s the second busiest Metro Line serving Paris.

It haves a beautiful art nouveau entrance having a pretty globe lighting along the track it self.

4 – Concorde Station on Metro Line 12

It is named after the near by place De La Concorde.

It is distinctive because of its decoration. Its walls are decorated with tiles spelling The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen is looks like gigantic word search puzzle.

5 – Varenne Station on Metro Line 13

Varenne is another station of Paris Metro, named after Rue de Varenne.

This station is also like Lourve station looks same as an art museum. It represents the Rodin Museum so realistically that hard to discriminate. Here you can see the famous replica of Rodin’s famous “ The Thinker” among other pieces.

6 – Arts et Metiers on Metro Lines 3 and 11

It’s serving the Line 3 and Line 11. It was redesigned in 1994 on the bicentenary of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers. Before that it was not a notable place.