Top List for US National Parks

I haven`t visited many national parks in the US so far. However, for me, each park has its own history and charm that are so obvious for a visit. From time to time, I have experienced the grandeur of different parks. Here are my own list of Top Us National Parks you should not miss :

grand cayon

Grand Canyon NP

On the top of my list, Grand Canyon is my first inspiration. When I looked at the postcard of this magical park, I am attracted.
The park is really photogenic, awe-inspiring. My top list to do in Grand Canyon is to take the guided trek and embarking on a thrilling rafting trek on Colorado river.

rocky mountains

Rocky Mountains NP

Situated in Colorado, Rocky Mountains lies on the elevation of 12.000 feet above the sea level. It is one of the most beautiful US National Parks that I have admired.
The name Rocky Mountains does not really come from its landscapes. Th ey’re rocky? No, really, they are massive in their size and the distance they cover.

The scenery changes dramatically between summer and winter that makes the park stunning. Many people come just to enjoy a ride from one side to another of the park but I do think there are great adventures await for those who want to go more than usual way.

Yosemite NP

Yosemite is an amazing place to visit because of it’s extreme beauty. From rocky cliffs to crystalline waterfalls, as well as it’s colorful trees and frontier history makes it a sure bet everyone will find something to love. Located in mid-California, about 4 hours southeast of Sacramento and 6 hours from San Francisco. This is a great place for international travelers to visit, especially those with only 3 or 4 days to travel. I highly recommend seeing San Francisco and then taking a trip to Yosemite. By doing this, the extremes found all over America will be experienced – a fascinating, bustling city close to beautiful, untouched nature.

grand teton national park

Grand Teton National Park

Yellowstone is the first established national park in the world. It’s located in the northwestern part of Wyoming, bordering Montana and Idaho. This park is truly a haven for wildlife. This place is great with children for their education, for their nature and also science study. Volcanic geysers, like Old Faithful, and face to face contact with many different kinds of wildlife, are a child’s dream come truel.
The Grand Teton’s are located south of Yellowstone and is the most majestic meeting place for the continental divide, with it rugged mountain views.

It’s difficult for international travelers to visit Yellowstone and the Grand Teton’s due to their remote location, but for those determined to see the diversity of America, it’s a great destination.

Smoky Mountains National Park

The name says it all. These mountains appear to have smoke rising above them in the early morning. This park is located in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina and is unlike the Rocky Mountains or even the Grand Tetons, but commands attention with a different more subtle beauty. This low elevation range, is most beautiful in autumn when the foilage changes color to give us spectacular fireworks in nature.

You can also experience a culture different from that of other parts of the United States. For foreigners visiting Atlanta, GA the Smoky Mountains are a 5 hours drive away, but will worth the trip, especially in the autumn. During the summer a river rafting trip is refreshing break from the heat.