Visit London 3 days

Each traveler has certain travel wish list. For me, apart from Paris, Venice, London probably the most desirable destinations in Europe. In July, I have finally touched down in London after 2,5 hours train from France. This dream city feasts my eye with colors of Big Ben, Thames rivers and so many things to discovery.
Here is my 3 days London Travel itinerary with some suggestion for coming travelers :

euro star train

Getting to London

I took a train from Paris with Eurostar. This is simply a very comfortable trip. The train has air conditioning, spacious seats, plug in for phone charger and wifi during the journey.
The big note for people taking this train is you need to go early for custom clearance. The check in process is faster than at the airport but 1 hour before departure is necessary.
It departs from Gare Du Nord and the check in counters are on the top level. You will need to do security check in.
Price: if you book far in advance, the price is very good. I did it with only 80 euro/ return tickets.

andaz liverpool hyatt
andaz liverpool hyatt

Where to stay ?

I have some bonus points from Hyatt Hotel chains and allowing myself a chance to enjoy Hyatt Andaz Liverpool, one of the most amazing property in London.
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The hotel is located at the business area overlooking at the many outstanding architects of the city. It is a beautiful building with wealthy history converted to be a hotel recently. When we arrived, everything seems so new and fresh.
During our stay, we received a really good treat from the hotel staffs.
From the hotel, it is so easy to explore the city by train as it locates just few steps from Central station.
If you are looking for a luxury hotel in London, you can find good choices here.
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buckingham palace view

Let`s talk about what I experienced in London for 3 days

Day 01 : London Big Attractions

When we think about big attractions of London, they seem to be plentiful but for the first day, these are just perfect spots

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is full of visitors in the morning who come to spot the rite when the guardians change their shift. Even when we arrived, it was raining, it does not disappoint the streams of people with cameras. Obviously, we could not see the Queen since we stand from far but it was quite interesting.
After 1 hours taking some photos, it turns to be more photogenic when we walked back to the park.
Not far from Buckingham Palace, there locates St James`s park which is one of the best gardens in London. It offers a very pleasant walk, seeing the ducks and water fountains with the photogenic background.

London Eye

Located by the river bank, The London eye is one of the best instagrammable places in London. One full rotation on the ferris wheel takes about 30 minutes, allowing ample time to spot all of London’s impressive landmarks and better acquaint yourself with the city.

Borough Market

We reached the market with a friend living in London. The first thing we experience is the appetizing smell coming from BBQ restaurant. Whether you come here to grab a piece of tasty bread or killing time with your friend, there are spaces for everything.
The further you go, the more choices you have.
Note: I will not recommend you to take Indian food here because there is a dedicated streets just for Indian foods.
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notting hill

Day 02: A little food, Culture & Literature

Soho Area

This is a beautiful area of London, full of color boasting from different buildings. The lunch here was just perfect after getting lost in some nice streets.
We spent about 2 hours to view some galleries and art works in Soho.

China Town

As I am an Asian, China town has its own taste to me. This China town is big, lively and amazing. I could find almost all the Chinese foods I have eaten in many cities in China like roasted duck, noodle soup. The price is totally reasonable.
Another point is about its decoration, we totally feel like we are in China, not really London.

Notting Hill

What draw us to Notting Hill was the movie which has the same name. The area in real life has more charm than that. After a train ride, we quickly be attracted by colorful streets with full of souvenirs, books.
Just a little longer walk, we were welcomed by an opening bar with music at its door.
The walk is for about 2 hours, full of photogenic chances.

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thames river

Day 03: Life along Thames River

Tower of London

Originally founded by William the Conqueror in 1066 to keep out hostile Londoners, the Tower of London still stands smack in the middle of London. The Tower of London is a medieval fortress and UNESCO World Heritage Site, which has been continually built and rebuilt over the centuries.

While strolling outside of the fortress, informative signs bring the Tower of London’s history to life, and you’ll also notice how sections of the fortress look different than others, due to the reconstructions over time.
This is one of the ideal spots for any family travel to London as features playgrounds and kid-friendly activities along the river bank.

Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is another one of the city’s most famous and striking landmarks.

After you’ve finished up at the Tower of London, you should make your way over to this bridge to snap lots of photos, see the bridge part for boats to pass underneath, walk across the bridge, and even go inside of the bridge to look down on London through glass floors and see the bridge’s engine rooms.

Covent Garden

Come nightfall, jolly people fill Covent Garden, ready to eat delicious food, see theatre and opera performances, drink lots of beer, and enjoy the many street performances.

For a great night on the town, snag a reservation at one of Covent Garden’s best restaurants (Hello, Dishoom!), then see one of your favorite broadway shows (obviously, purchase your tickets well in advance), or enjoy a few hours of drinking and dancing with locals and tourists alike.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of London’s most widely recognized buildings, for two reasons. One: You can spot its dome from many places throughout the city. And two: It’s wildly beautiful.

Constructed between 1675 and 1710, St Paul’s Cathedral is a historic gem that’s beautiful both inside and out. The surrounding gardens also provide a wonderful setting to relax your feet and admire the church’s beauty!

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum quickly becomes a favorite for all those who visit. And that’s not just because entry is free! It is, after all, one of London’s top museums.

This museum features specimens from different eras throughout history, including dinosaurs, whales, butterflies, lizards, and beetles, and it all couldn’t be more interesting. That’s not all, though.


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