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Top Things to do in Madrid

There are many things that lure people to Madrid. Some come for football, others are interested in the foodie scene it offers. For whatever the reasons, Madrid is really a celebrated destination we should visit once in life.
If you have just started planning the trip, here comes the top things to do in Madrid :

Explore the Royal Palace

This iconic landmark is simply a must-see for any trip to Madrid. It was constructed to be a fortress then served as military base, cultural centre from 16th to 18th century.
It reflects the French architect which showcase the wealth and power.
Nowadays, the Royal Palace is still a place for many important event in the city. Visitors can still explore the interior of the palace which houses 3.418 rooms. Make sure you keep the attraction – the world`s largest palace into your travel bucket list.


Try The Spanish Tapas

Before arriving in Madrid, I did not have a clear idea of the Spanish foods. Once we touched the downtown, the food scene here is so tempting. The traditional Tapas is something you must – must try.
It is not expensive. The tapas restaurant often offers a wide range of food for your choice. Either you like pork, seafood or just vegetables, you`ll find something for your own.

Stroll through the romantic El Capricho Park

El Capricho Park is inclusive of the many reasons that a thousand travelers visit Madrid per year. It is located in Alameda de Osuna in the districts of Barajas. Referred to as the jewel of Romanticism, this park covers a total area of 14 hectares that include lakes, woods, an artificial river, gardens and many beautiful temples.

Sip a cocktail at Salmon Guru

Do you love cocktails? If so, then Salmon Guru should be your first start. This spot is listed among the World’s best cocktail bars for many reasons. One of them is its stupendously artistic cocktails that employ the most unusual ingredients and cutting-edge techniques. It was put up by an Argentinian bartender Diego Cabrera.

Discover Debod, Spain’s only Egyptian temple

When it comes to naming Spain’s most captivating draws, Debod is one of them. It is found in Madrid, therefore don’t omit it once there. This Egyptian structure is more than 2200 years old. Dedicated to the gods Amon and Isis, this temple put up by the Egyptian government in 1968 was meant to thank Spain for their help contributed to preserving monuments that were threatened by the Aswan Dam. Adding to the inviting splendor, views from this site are inspirational.

Spend hours in the Prado Museum

For those who have spent years saving for a trip to Madrid mainly to appreciate the beautiful art, don’t hesitate to start with the Prado museum. This historical site will treat you with a huge concentration of masterpieces, including paintings and sculptures. Some of the intriguing exhibits are Gothic altarpieces, stunning Spanish Romanesque murals, works from the Italian Renaissance, German paintings such as Durer’s 1498 Self Portrait and more.

Have fun and relax in El Retiro Park

Amongst the top things to do in Madrid, El Retiro Park is a good option to soak up the greenery of the city. This 118-hectare park is one of the most attractive green areas in the city. It invites many holiday-makers for multiple activities such as boating, walking, jogging, picnicking and more. Apart from that, El Retiro consists of many other notable draws like Alfonso XII (a large colonnade by Jose Grases Riera), Palacio de Cristal and Cason del Buen Retiro, a dazzling ballroom that belongs to the Museo del Prado.

See a Picasso masterpiece at the Reina Sofía

Visited by millions of tourists per year, Reina Sofia is another dot for art lovers in Madrid. Not like other museums in the city, Reina focuses more on Spanish paintings. Its great collection includes the contemporary Spanish art that spans the last 100 years.

Enjoy art and markets at Matadero Madrid

Built in the early 20th century, Matadero Madrid is a hub for cultural exhibitions and entertainment. It is composed of theatres, cinemas and markets that converge on the bank of Manzanares in the Central del Diseno design Centre, Cineteca and Sala del lector reading room. For fun, make sure to be part of the live concerts and festivals hosted here per year.

Grab a drink at Sala Equis, a former adult cinema

Even if you have got a few days in Madrid, you need to have a night outing to Sala Equis. This 700 square meter space won’t leave you bored at any minute. It is dedicated to film, all types of cultural events and nice music. Sala Equis is divided into three zones, so it is your choice to choose where to spend off some time. Whether at the epicentre of the space “Sala Plaza”, the terrace at the entrance or in the 55-seat cinema room for some winning films.

Dine at the newest Michelin-star restaurants, Gofio & 99 KO Sushi Bar

Gofio & 99 KO Sushi Bar is one of the top favorite eateries in Madrid. For culinary adventurers, this is a must. It serves some of the best cuisine (Almogrote spread, coquitos and papas arrugadas) from the Canary Islands prepared by two Chefs (Safe Cruz and Aida Gonzalez).

Get bargains at El Rastro, Madrid’s oldest street market

If you’re looking for somewhere to go shopping in Madrid, then El Rastro is your best port of call. This oldest street market in the city is ideal not only for shopping but also local life encounters. It is open every Sunday from 7 am. Make sure to check it out for some good deals on costume jewelry, decorative items, band T-shirts, new and second-hand clothes, vinyl records and some art pieces (sold as souvenirs).

Watch the sunset from Cerro del Tio Pio

Located in Puente de Vallecas, Cerro del Tio Pio is another must-visit in Madrid. With its astonishing scenery that include towering hills, tall trees and pedestrian walkways, this is a place you must consider for pretty photoshoots. Apart from that, it is a great venue to enjoy the continual sweeping views of sunset and Madrid City.

Spend a day with the kids at Espacio Abierto

For anyone who is traveling to Madrid with kids, Espacio Abierto has all the qualities to be the first on your wish list.
Situated within the gorgeous Quinta de Los Molinos Park, Espacio Abierto is a great space for kids (starting from babies to 16 years old). It stars loads of things to keep the young ones busy and excited such as games, workshops, music, puppet shows to mention but a few.

Enjoy the free exhibitions at the Juan March Foundation

Madrid is dotted by several museums that exhibit exquisite art pieces. Of all museums, make sure not to leave out the Juan March Foundation. It always offers something different and never fails to surprise. Whether you are after striking architectural designs, drawings or paintings, there are all here. More than that, this place hosts numerous concerts and conferences that are worth to be part.