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South Korea

Top Things to do in South Korea

South Korea is a very very characterful country in Asia. It is seducing and diverse. It is full of energy and astonishing lifestyle that everyone get tempted. There are certainly so many things to soak up in this beguiling destination.
Forming the list of Top things to do in South Korea is not easy. You`ll find hundreds of ideas from food to sightseeing in mostly every province. Here comes my suggestion :

Go To a K-Pop Concert

K-Pop is very blossoming these days. It creates the attraction on the tourism map for Korea. Attending such a concert is something precious and exciting. Seoul is one of the best place to enjoy this experience.
If music isn’t your thing, the Concert’s spectacle is something that you need to watch.

Visit Damyang Bamboo Forest

If treks through the gorgeous Bamboo forests sounds like something you would like, Damyang is the place for you. Located close to some prominent cities like Gwangju, this area treats trippers with relaxing strolls, cool atmosphere and scenic views of the encircling beauty.

Jinju Namgang Yudeung Festival

South Korea doesn’t lag when it comes to destinations for top fun-packed festivals around the globe. It features plenty, and one of them is the Jinju Namgang Yudeung festival. Meant to honor the people who lost their lives during the Imjin War, this event takes place in October (first two weeks of the month). Tourists come from different parts of the World to admire the panoramic views of the Namgan River as it’s light up with lanterns and balloons.

Visit the DMZ

A trip to South Korea wouldn’t be it without a visit to the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Built in the 1950s this strip of land is a buffer zone between the borders of South and North Korea. The area packs more into the visitor’s day trip, but the highlight is the Blue room where you can stand both in North and South Korea at once.


Jeongbang Waterfall

Waterfall hopping in Jeju

The beauty of Jeju comes mostly from its striking nature where sea meets land. The island offers so many photogenic chances forming by flower plantation, ancient town and cascading waterfalls.
There are many falls in Jeju listed in the Most Beautiful waterfalls in Korea including Jeong Bang, Cheonjiyeon, etc

Visit Cheonggyecheon Stream

Of all things to see, don’t ignore the Cheonggyecheon Stream. Running through the heart of Seoul, this natural wonder existed since the Joseon Dynasty. Adding to its peaceful and serene setting, the spot is good to visit for those who want to learn more about its turbulent history.


Visit the Five Grand Palaces of Seoul

In the list of top things to do in South Korea, Grand Palaces are the musts. Located around Seoul, Changdeokgung, Gyeonghuigung, Deoksugung, Gyeongbokgung and Changgyeonggung palaces were homes of the ancient Korea rulers. In addition to history, the structures’ splendor is a must appeal to any person who is in love with architecture.

Go To Lotte World

Speaking of kid-friendly places in South Korea, Seoul’s Lotte World is a fun addition to your trip. Opened in 1989, Lotte with its outdoor amusement park, indoor theme park, a museum and shopping malls makes for an unforgettable outing with kids.

Visit the Kimchi Festival

Without a doubt, the Kimchi Festival is a highlight for any foodie travelling to South Korea. Kimchi is notable in Korean cuisine. It’s all over the country, but Seoul takes its love to the extent of having a festival for it in November each year. It is not only about celebrating the dish, but visitors are also granted a chance to prepare it out of fermented vegetables and lots of spices.

Browse Dongdaemun Market

When most people think of South Korea, the first thing to come into mind are its large cities, but there is a lot more to explore than just the cities. If you are up to local life encounters, souvenir shopping and culinary adventures, see your way to the Dongdaemun market. This shopping district is dotted by two dozen malls, local food stalls and thousands of shops that sell goods at affordable prices.
Dongdaemun is also one of the great places to sample Korean Foods

Visit Gyeongju

Gyeongju is a haven for those who are into learning about South Korea’s diverse culture and history. Once the capital of the Silla Empire, this coastal city consists of several charming temples, museums and pagodas that showcase the country’s ancient life.

Immerse yourself in ancient Korea, Jeonju Hanok Village

Are you after Korean life before technology? Don’t expect of any other best place to immerse yourself than Jeonju Hanok village. Featuring more than 800 traditional homes, this village in the western part of South Korea is a clutter of tiny bars, cobbled lanes and restaurants that sell yummy dishes like bibimbap. Make sure to visit a workshop for skills on how to make traditional paper or local moonshine.


Hike Bukhansan National Park

Home to South Korea’s highest peak, Bukhansan is renowned for its floral beauty, alluring forests of maple trees, picturesque rock faces and granite peaks, rushing streams and exquisite temples. Bukhasan Hike offers stunning views the city and its lush nature.
The most favorite trip is the trek up to the top of the 740m high Dobongsan and a detour to the temples of Cheonchuksa.

Get down and dirty at the Boryeong Mud Festival

Boryeong Mud Festival is an excellent addition for your fun-packed trip to South Korea. It combines alcohol, beautiful beach, and oodles of therapeutic mud into an orgy of fun. Don’t miss to be part of the thousand travelers who get down to dirty in an unabashed mud wrestle. All actions take place at the Darecheon beach. Before taking a mud super slide, partakers are first baptized with buckets of grey mud.

Drop by Korea’s very own Love Island, Jeju-si

For honeymooners, the love Island is amongst the best localities for you to have romantic moments in South Korea. Situated just off the southwestern coastline of the Korean Peninsula, this UNESCO listed Island enchants visitors with plenty of hikes, a bio reserve, a geopark and numerous statues that are dedicated to love and sex.

Step into the future in modern Seoul

If history, culture, wildlife or culinary adventures do not appeal, South Korea is also famous for technology. The country’s cities like Seoul feature multiple innovative and hi-tech companies that rank highly worldwide. Companies like Samsung, DJI set up museums that are open for visitors to see how their products will be in the future. One of the must-sees, the Robot museum in Jongno-gu showcases the history and future of robotics.

Visit Oedo, Korea’s botanical garden island

Oedo isn’t more known to tourists, but it’s a perfect getaway for nature lovers. Adding to over 3000 plant species in place, the garden pleases holidaymakers with a calm setting and awe-inspiring views of the nearby Hallyeo Maritime National Park.