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7 Best Destinations To Enjoy Monsoons In Mumbai

Monsoon is one of the best times to visit India as well as the different famous Indian destinations. The monsoon season starts in Mumbai from Early June and brings relief after the sweltering heat as well as humidity of summer. Monsoon in Mumbai is always refreshing. The tentative time for the arrival of monsoon every year is around 5-10 June. Being situated beside the sea, monsoon is extremely beautiful in Mumbai and you should enjoy this time in the following locations:

Marine Drive

It is often referred to by the name of The Queen’s Necklace. This is because it has rows of dazzling lights. The Marine Drive is 3 kms long and it is the perfect destination for the three kilometer Marine Drive is the leading destination for trying out the heavy showers in Mumbai. There is a great crowd dressed in vibrant colours who you can find strolling here. You can join them and experience the monsoon over the Arabian ocean. If you by chance happen to be present there during the time of high tide you should keep yourself prepared to get sprayed with water as the waves crash against each other. There are also plenty of rooftop restaurants as well as bars here that you can enjoy during the rains. You can easily reach Marine Drive via train.

Gateway of India

This is one of the most famous entertaining attractions in Mumbai. Since this is situated just beside the sea, the Indian Gateway receives some strong waves during the high tide. This is perfect for the rainy season. There are also plenty of roadside vendors from whom you can get delicious and savoury snacks appropriate for that time of the year. Here also, you can find plenty of rooftop hotels and bars. Taj Palace Hotel is also situated here which presents a gorgeous view.

Haji Ali

Haji Ali is a mosque as well as a tomb. It was constructed in 1431. The Haji Ali is situated right in the sea but it is also joined to the land by means of a narrow lane. This pathway becomes totally submerged during the high tide in monsoon. This gives the notion that the Haji Ali is suspended on the ocean. However, when there is low tide, you can easily stroll along the pathway to Haji Ali. It is an amazing experience as the waves crash against each other and touches your legs. Haji Ali is situated right at the centre of Mumbai, off the Worli coast.

Worli Sea face

The Worli Sea face in Mumbai is also perfect for visiting during the monsoon season. It is very famous for the heavy waves that occur when the high tide happens especially when it rains. There is a promenade which you can sit as well as walk on. You can easily get to this place by train.

Juhu Beach

Juhu Beach is one of the most popular places in Mumbai to visit in monsoon or any other time of the year. There are plenty of roadside snack stalls here. You can get unsullied pav bhaji which you can enjoy while enjoying the rains.

Bandra Bandstand

It is one of the most posh localities of Mumbai. There is the ocean on one side while the other side is lined with homes of the wealthy and famous. This place is perfect for monsoons.

Mumbai-Goa (NH 17)

It is a very old highway. The perfect time for enjoying this road is during the monsoon season as the entire road is lined with green which makes the journey beautiful.