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The Majestic Thailand

Thailand is such type of country where you can enjoy the extremes adventures of live of just be a cool tourist, who wants to have a comfortable tour. From adventure sports like scuba diving to the peaceful calm beautiful places, you will find all in a single country. Talking about the transportation in Thailand, on one hand you will see fast traveling sky-trains and on other hand you can also travel on the slow traveling three-wheel bicycle. As soon as you will land on the Bangkok airport, you will probably feel very good to be in Thailand. The people of Thailand are very friendly and co-operative. Make sure to change your currency from any nearby bank and even banks are present within the airport. If you want to travel within the country by plane, then you can have a flight on some budget airline, which is very convenient for the travelers.

Adventures in Thailand:

For the attraction of tourists, there are a variety of activities in Thailand and surely everyone will enjoy his or her own things of interest. You have a wide list of options about different things in Thailand like visiting some National Park, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenes of nature and the animals of that park. And if you are really looking for an adventure and you are daring enough then you can try things like rock climbing, canoeing, motorcycling, scuba diving or river rafting. Make sure you are good at these sports, otherwise don’t try them, as they may be very dangerous for you.

Closer To The Nature:

Doi Inthanon is very famous among the tourists for its natural beauty. Thousands of visitors come here daily for bird watching. Khao Yoi which is located in the south of the country is also famous for bird watching. You can also do camping in these parks for the night and enjoy the beautiful night in the open air with your friends and family. Golf courses are also available here and they are considered to be among the world’s best golf courses. You can also learn to fly an airplane here and get a license too after getting your classes and passing the test. For the beauty lovers, this place is like a paradise.

Ancient Thailand:

Thailand is blessed with a very enriched history. Its ancient name was Siam. Archaeological have found a lot of exciting things about Thailand and its history, and the remains of the ancient Siam tell all the stories about how it used to be in the past. And if you are really interested in the history and want to know the happening in the past, you are always welcome to Thailand.

Study Before You Go:

Charles Kimball has written a book named “A Concise History of Southeast Asia,” which will be the best guide for you before you visit Thailand and you will be able to understand the background of all the stuff that you are going to see in Thailand.

When To Visit Thailand:

If you really want to go to Thailand and enjoy you time there, then you must be aware of the weather patterns in Thailand.The weather of Thailand is very hot from March to May, and the rainy season is between June and October. From November to February, the weather is mild and pleasant. So looking at these weather markings, you can decide your trip to Thailand.