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Best Romantic Places in Turkey

The dream of most family couples is to have little time on their own – just like it had been a few years earlier -before their children. Some will say that this kind of a holiday is inappropriate if a family has children. However, just thinking about it makes you want it even more. So there could be only a good effect of such a holiday -the parents would relax and be less stressed and thus more helpful and productive in their family and business lives.


Romantic trips are also a great way to reignite the flames, the emotions and the passion, put aside because of the work, family, stress, etc. It is the perfect opportunity to think of nothing else, but how to relax and to enjoy yourselves and the lovely place you have chosen to visit.

Why Turkey?

There are plenty of romantic destinations you could choose from to spend your couple of days in Turkey. With its magnificent coastlines, breathtaking landscapes, a range historic cottages and world’s most exotic cities, Turkey offers the best romantic scenarios for lovers.


The beautiful scenery, warm and sunny climate coupled with several marvelous honeymoon destinations such as Istanbul, Marmaris, as well as Antalya, Turkey is a paradise of romanticism. It is a home to endless places where you can celebrate your love in the backdrop of tranquility and bliss.

Best Romantic Places in Turkey


The largest city in Turkey, Istanbul, is surrounded by water on its 3 sides. It spreads to more than seven hills and presents breathtaking scenery to enchant your visual senses. It is a tourist hub of turkey thanks to its natural charms and rich architecture. With an intoxicating mix of museums, palaces, mosques and churches and shopping bazaars, its streets are buzzing all day round. Do not miss the chance to see Topkapi Palace, Galata Tower the famous Saint Sophie church, ones of its kind Basilica underground Cistern and Archeological Museums when you have your romantic gate-away.

Bozcaada Island

Castle, beaches and old cobbled streets, this is an island that retains the original architecture. While here, you will see the cute stone houses and perhaps stay at one to make your honeymoon even more memorable. The castle is one beautiful structure still retaining old world glory. You can enjoy a ferry ride with your love when traveling to this small and cute island. Do not miss a chance to enjoy swimming in the cold waters of Ayazma beach.


Antalya is another must visit place for lovers who love to enjoy spending some time in the city of cultural and historical relevance. Visit the Antalya museum to get a glimpse of more than 5,000 priceless archaeological artefacts. This place offers a mix of ingredient that completes a honeymoon. Glorious cliffs that overlook a crescent shaped bay circled by range of mountains, makes Antalya is a romance paradise. You can also go along in some adventurous activities such as snorkeling, cruising and swimming along the turquoise waters. Lastly, remember to apply Turkey visa to enjoy at these places with your beloved ones.