Travel Tips

See The World from The Sea

It always astounds me to read those statistics about how many people don’t use all of their vacation days, or hear about people who say they’ve never left their hometown. As a travel agent and a travel lover, it breaks my heart. If you are reading this blog, you are probably already a fan of travel, but as much as we love to see the world, we do have to admit there are some hardships that come with it.

That’s why I love cruising. I find travel on a ship drastically cuts down on a lot of the typical travel stresses. Here are three reasons why travelers, no matter if they are new or old, should consider a cruise.

Goodbye security pat downs.

Air travel has become a nightmare for many. First you start with expensive tickets then you add on fees for extra luggage or the privilege of picking your seat ahead of the flight. Those hassles can occur even before you reach the check-in. Follow that up with a giant line to get through security, and then you might have to walk a mile to get to your terminal. It’s no fun. Cruise lines make you go through security when boarding, but because everyone is getting on the same ship, it’s less stressful, and once you’re through the cruise terminal you are on the ship and can start your vacation. This is why a lot of cities in America have modernized their ports and allow cruise ships to dock, so travelers don’t have to fly anywhere to see the world.

Just like a buffet, a cruise is great for sampling.

There are so many regions of the world and so many things you could focus on like climbing Mount Everest, or spending days on end at the Louvre in Paris, but in being so focused you might find yourself missing out on the big picture. A cruise helps you sample of a variety of destinations, affording you a chance to decide if these places are the places for you. You may find out that while Paris was extraordinary, the artwork from the Dutch masters in Amsterdam is more intriguing. If nothing else a Mediterranean cruise or a South American cruise with lots of ports gives you the chance to experience lots of cultures and countries when you have a limited budget or number of vacation days.

Friends and backup are included.

Going somewhere new while exhilarating can be scary. You are alone in a city where you can barely communicate, which makes the task of getting around seem impossible. Travel on a cruise means you will have the advice of the staff and be able to go on excursions that have been pre-planned by a cruise line and are led by area experts. On top of it you will surely be able to find other people on your cruise that you can befriend and explore the ports together.

Now when you think of exploring a large region with lots of cities and locals, think of a cruise as a sampler box of chocolates. If you think of travel as lines and fees, remember an all-inclusive cruise brings the destination to you. Lastly, if you are scared to travel alone or in a small group, think of your fellow cruisers as your posse. Now, all you have to do is find your perfect itinerary and board the ship.