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Edible Portraits.Not On Canvas On Rice Fields!

What is it that has attracted me so much this time? These are the portraits of the most famous and iconic people and landscapes. But are they made on the canvas? Or painted on walls? You will have to read ahead if you want to know.

The efforts and hard work of Japanese farmers have finally paid of. These farmers have thrived for months to attain these best final results. The portraits are not just anything. They are made from different patterns of rice plants.

Hard work Pays Of Always

These cropping are a result of 9 year hard work. Farmers have carefully selected the Rice varieties to be grown and used computers to accurately plot the coordinates of where to plant which type of Rice Seed.

Yellow-leafed Kodaimai rice is planted with their local green-leafed Tsugaru, which is a Roman variety of Rice, to create the colored wonders in the time between sowing and harvesting in August to October.

This is the image of Napoleon who is riding a horse. These pictures took months of planning and impeccable precision for farmers. The final results achieved here are a proof of the hard work done by locals. There is no doubt as to how hard the people of Japan work.

These amazing patterns over the Rice fields in Japan are no Alien work nor are they anyways similar to the crop circles produced in United States of America. These are a result of dedication of Japanese farmers who have exceeded many others in their quest to show how unique they are.

This portrait is the drawing Naoe Kanetsugu. He is a fictional character who appears in Television “Tenchijin” in the town of Yonezawa.

This Is No Easy Work

Similar drawings are often seen in the paddy fields of Japanese towns. These fields have different pictures often of no certain origin. They are just the result of charming hard work of artists. These artists have created some of the most astounding patterns which many people cannot even draw on paper in hours with help. This is truly magical.

You Can Only View Them From Above

From ground level, these artistic designs are invisible to you and a person who wishes to view them must climb over a higher surface to get a small glimpse of these master pieces.

Yes We Can Do It!

These innovative ideas have bought a thrilling soul to these simple rise fields. If you put it together, it is no more than a miracle in itself for man to do this. Many of the more sophisticated people around us may consider these images as bogus or as unimportant, but they are the work of life to many who have dedicated a lot of time and energy to this cause and to give us this visual treat we rarely feast on. Enjoy!