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Welcome to Desert Safari Dubai Evening Safari

If you visit U.A.E, you should not miss attending one of the most exciting events in Dubai that is none other than a famous Safari.  Memories of desert Safari are heart-touching. At the same place, you have the chance to have a camel ride, sand boarding and to put henna designs on your feet and hands. All the natural beauties of Desert Safari and the amazing smell of henna, barbecue force the visitors to go there again. The most entertaining thing was the belly dance which I personally enjoyed a lot in the performance was shown in the star lights.

Following Activities Took Place:

  • Drive through the desert along Al Awir Road-Dune bashing.
  • 20-30  minutes Dunes Driving.
  • Sunset photography.
  • Camel Rides
  • Belly dance
  • Bar
  • Henna painting
  • Hubbllee Bubblee
  • Arabic coffee and fresh Dates.
  • Traditional costumes
  • Unlimited soft drinks, tea, coffee and mineral water.
  • Buffet dinner and B.B.Q.
  • Departure at 9:30.

Sand skiing

It is Not a large group of people is needed for this package even a person can do it. For getting a complete car you should have group of six people and so that you will not have to share it with any other out guest. However, the sand skiing is not for the children of the age three or below three because it is quite scary and bumping and there are no safe and comfortable seats to fit the babies. Moreover, the women who are expecting or the people of elderly age are also not allowed to take a sand skiing.

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The drivers are fully experienced  and professional who has the license for driving. In case of an accident, there is a present roll cage which is fitted in the cars so that injuries can be prevented. There are also seat belts for the passengers. All the passengers as well as the cars are insured.

Compulsory Deeds

One should not forget to take the camera with him to capture the scenes of beauty on the way while going to the safari. One should wear something very comfortable so that can enjoy fully and should not wear jewelry and gold watches and specially cell phone because there are no signals at the camp. In order to remain fresh do try the Arabic coffee and shake your body with our belly dancers.

Camel Trek

Another exciting activity of desert is the camel trek. There are also many personal ways to enjoy every moment over there.