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Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai is situated on Arabian Peninsula, with all the facilities of life. It is a luxurious country which mostly people prefer to spend their vacations there. If a person is visiting Dubai then he/she must go for a Desert Safari in order to get the real thrill & adventure.

Dune Bashing

Dubai desert Safari also known as Dune Bashing which means people living around a particular topography marked with sand dunes. In simple words, dune bashing means riding up & down the heaps of sand in desert. It includes different types of desert games like:

1.  Riding bikes through dunes

2.  Skate boarding

3.  Riding a quad bike.

4.  4×4 drive

But the most famous & favorite of tourists is 4×4 Drive also known as Desert safari.

Tips for Choosing a Vehicle for Desert Safari

The best thing on Desert Safari is to have an own 4WD only if a Person is experienced in driving on deserts. But to have a desert Safari more reliable then a person has to consult a tour operator, as they provide us the trained drivers who can guide us properly. Also mind to check the tire pressure.

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Desert Safari

When all vehicles are ready in a line they simultaneously go in through sand dunes especially when it makes a turn of 45 degree angle, crossing the sand mountains. This whole drive is of 90 minutes after that all vehicles are parked in to see the beautiful sunset. Then the journey continues & reaches to the center of desert to satisfy the hunger & to get relaxed for that table & chairs are placed & the barbeque preparations started, With different other programs  going on as well. After the full day ride & entertainment the desert safari ends and people go back to their hotels.

Tips for Going on Desert Safari

  • While going on a desert safari one must have to take food early in order to get a convenient driving, avoid drinking plenty of water.
  • Wearing of light clothes.
  • Must wear slippers so that it will be easy to remove sand from foot.
  • Heart patients must avoid this ride.
  • Don’t take extra luggage with your self except camera as the drivers have everything with themselves e.g. water, juice & food.