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Best Honeymoon Destinations of The World

Honeymoon vacations are one of the most special moments in the life of an individual. Honeymoon plans must be carefully thought out. After all, you only get one honeymoon in your lifetime. Honeymoon travel can be quite exhausting.

Honeymoon Vacations

Since the honeymoon vacations are a memorable life event, one must consider all the countries. There are many popular honeymoon destinations. All of them will be discussed below.


Switzerland is a very beautiful country. Its natural beauty has made it a hot favorite, among the honeymoon couples. From its legendary villages to its Swiss chocolates, Switzerland has it all.

Its beautiful orchards are also a delight to see. Your honeymoon plans need to be perfect. So if you’re a fan of scenic beauty Switzerland is the place for you.


It is a popular destination filled with romance. The spectacular Alps are definitely worth a trip. The beaches, wineries and vineyards are also great places to visit.

It is a paradise for newlywed couples. The honeymoon travel is worth it. One should consider France, while planning a honeymoon.

South Africa

The lovely sunset, deserted islands and the beauty of the place as a whole should be experienced. It is also a perfect place to spend your honeymoon. It has been a popular choice among many couples.


This place offers everything. From sightseeing to desert festivals and, adventure sports Morocco is a great honeymoon spot. Adventurous couples should definitely try it out. They won’t be disappointed.


Turkey is fast becoming a favorite among couples. It offers a great blend of antique charm and modern settings. It is therefore a very diverse country.


This exotic land is filled with romance. It also features great tourist attractions. Sarawak is the particular favorite of many couples.


It has the perfect blend of sandy white beaches and the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Accommodation is provided by most of the honeymoon tours. This involves specific services for honeymoon couples only.


Russia is also known for its natural beauty. It also has rich cultural heritage, beautiful lakes and rivers, and pleasant weather. It is heaven for newlywed couples.


A great place to spend your honeymoon vacations is Spain. It offers two types of honeymoons. One is the gourmet honeymoon, and the other is a custom honeymoon.

For people who love to wine and dine, the gourmet honeymoon is the best option. The custom honeymoon is offered to everyone. The choice is up to the couples.


Couples can enjoy the lush green mountains, great beaches and fun parks. It has many great tourist attractions. One should keep Thailand in mind for their honeymoon plans.

United States of America

There are so many options available for couple is America. They could choose to go to Hawaii and enjoy the beaches. Or they go and enjoy the beauty of the Niagara Falls. New York is also a great option.


The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is the most sought out attraction in Canada. There are also many National Parks in Canada. There are a variety of options available for honeymoon couples.

Apart from picking up a destination for your intimacy, the idea of getting your own honeymoon T shirt could be perfect before you start your honeymoon