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Top Things to do in Austria

Austria is a world class destination for skiing in winter and breathtaking Alps trek in summer. The country however has more than that to offer. From sparkling palaces to fascinating museum, Austria is a magical place that you should delve into in Europe.
To name the best experiences you should take in Austria, here comes my suggestions :

Explore Schonbrunn Palace

Schonbrunn is one of the most remarkable attractions in the capital city of Vienna. It functioned as the summer residence for royal family. Schonbrunn is now regconized as Unesco Heritage Site.
There is so much to explore about this building including its secretive stories and highlighted Austrian architects.
Waterfall hopping in Krimml
Lying by the Alps, it is no doubt that Austria has some of the most thundering waterfalls in the world. Krimml is such a natural wonder.
With 3 layers, the fall rewards your trekking effort with amazing panoramic views. Reaching the top of this fall is one of the most precious experiences in Europe. Make sure to take a break at the Schoenangerl restaurant which situates at the elevation of 4,216 feet.

Marvel Goldenes Dachl

Known as Golden Roof, Goldenes Dachl is simply the most iconic place in Innsbruck`s old town. It boasts a very unique architect comprising of 2,738 copper tiles.
There is a museum to please any family visit. The rich history for over 500 years and the depiction of emperor celebration are something you will soak up here too.

Enjoy the Sky Walk in Hohe Wand

It does need so much effort to capture the landscapes of exception with this walk. For just about 1 hour drive from Vienna, the walk offers great panoramic views over one of the most picturesque valleys in Austria.

Rafting on the Salzach

If you fancy water and have a little bit of adventure sense, this trip is for you. Salzach rafting has a moderate level which can fit for even the ordinary traveler. You`ll tackle the stunning rapids, follow the pristine waters, cross gushes and climb the high waves.
Some local tour operator offer this 4 hours trip with lunch included.

Paragliding in Schmittenhohe

Along with Switzerland, France, Austria is also listed in one of the best places to take a paragliding tour.  Doing paragliding in Schmittenhohe means you`ll have chance to admire the view to some of the highest mountains in the world.

Visit Kunshistoriches Museum


Wide range of art collections exhibit here. The Kunsthistorisches Museum, or Museum of Art History, is one of the many art museums in Vienna. It is housed in a palace-like building with an octagon-shaped dome. The museum was opened by Franz Joseph I in 1891 along with the Museum of Natural History, which is similar in appearance and faces the Kunsthistorisches from across Maria-Theresien-Platz. The museum primarily holds the Habsburg’s large art collections and has an especially large number of portraits and pieces of armor as well as paintings of Archduke Leopold Wilhelm. There are also several Old Master paintings from the likes of Michelangelo and Raphael.


Attend Krumpus Run

This is a very characterful activity in Austria. It is full of cultural significance too. The tradition of Krumpus started many centuries ago in Tirol. The run attracts many people who dress half goat, half demon. It is somehow like Halloween in the US. In some places, local people also give candies for children on this occasion.
Salzburg is the best place to mingle with local to celebrate