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10 Best Places to Visit in China

One of the world’s oldest civilization with almost 4,000 years of history is China. There are a lot of historical places in China, which are famous with respect to tourists. Some of the best places to visit in China are listed below:

1. The Great Wall

The literal meaning of the Great wall is of a very Long Fortress. It is an ancient Chinese fortification, which was built to stop the Huns to invade from the north.


2. Forbidden City

One of the most dazzling architectural master pieces n the world is the Forbidden City. Which also happens to be the largest palace of the world covering 74 hectares.

3. Terracotta Army

On a very short distance from the Qinshihuang Mausoleum is located “The terracotta Army”. On a total area of approximately sixty square kilometer, there are four large pit buildings located on this site.
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4. The Bund

One of the top attractions in Shanghai from tourist point of view is The Bund. It has been regarded as the symbol of Shanghai for over a hundred years.

5. Potala Palace

In 637, the Potala palace was built by King Songtsen to great his bride Wen Cheng. The approximate measurements of this structure are:

  • 117 meters (384 ft) in Height.
  • 360 meters (1,180 ft) in Width.


6. Mogao Grottoes (Dunhuang)

Among the Buddhist Art in the world, Mogao Grottoes is the largest, richest and the best preserved treasure. There is a total of 2,100 colored statues and 45,000 square meters of murals present in the Mogao Grottoes caves.

7. Lijiang River

One of the most famous and beautiful areas of China is The Lijiang River.

The melodious wind of the Lijiang River blows for almost 170 kilometers before joining the western tributary of the Pearl River.

8. Huangshan

There is an old saying “No need to see any other mountains after Huangshan”. Huangshan, also known as “Yellow Mountain” is very famous for its landscapes and beautiful views. The total area covered by The Huangshan is 1,200 square kilometers (470 square miles). Huangshan is famous because of four things:

  • Queer pine.
  • Trees.
  • Shaped rocks.
  • Sea of clouds.

Each of these things presents a different landscape in all the four seasons. However, the best ones are:

  • Blossoms in spring.
  • Waterfalls in summers.
  • Forest in fall.
  • Snow in winter.

9. Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou is a combination of three beautiful valleys, i.e. Shuzheng, Rize and Zechawa. Jiuzhaigou is spread over 40 kilometers through snow covered mountains, lakes, forest and waterfalls, creating a shape of letter Y, gives the fantasies of a fairyland. The name ‘Jiuzhaigou’ is derived from the 9 ancient Tibetan villages within the valley. The highest point of the valley is 4,700 meters above the sea level, located at the end of the valley.

10. Dali

One of the most popular tourist destinations in China is Dali. Because of its historic sites and its western flavor, it’s the most caught-after attraction to westerners and experts. The main attraction in Dali is the silver Cangshan Mountains, which are approximately 4,200 meters above sea level and the Jade Erhai Lake, which is located a few miles to the east of Dali.

11. Suzhou

Suzhou is famous for its spectacular gardens and traditional waterside architecture. The most popular gardens are:

  • Humble Administrator’s Garden of Ming Dynasty style.
  • Lion Grove Garden of Qing Dynasty style.
  • Surging Wave Pavilion of Song Dynasty style.
  • Lingering Garden of Yuan Dynasty style.