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Are you avid to make your vacations memorable? Plan a visit to Shanghai. Shanghai, a well-developed city of China, is a cynosure for tourists all around the world. It ensures abysmal entertainment to the visitors. People travel to Shanghai for relishing a unique blend of culture, traditions and modernism.

Importance Of Shanghai

Shanghai is the most populated city of China. It has an approximate population of 23 million (according to the census 2010). It is the prime hub of upscale business activities. Shanghai has made a remarkable progress in the field of fashion, education, media and technology.The flourishing economy of Shanghai owes much to its port. The port of Shanghai is the busiest container port of the world. It elevates the strategic and financial significance of the city.

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Must See Places In Shanghai

Few of the worth visiting spots at Shanghai are:

Nanjing Road

Nanjing road is the second heaven for shopaholics. Stretching across three and a half miles of length, It is the world’s longest shopping street. It comprises of 600 businesses including apparel outlets, five-star hotels, electronic market, restaurants, department stores etc. There are various shops on the street that deal in supreme quality silk, jade and embroidered fabric.

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum is located in People’s Square, at the centre of Shanghai. It displays a splendid collection of bronze, ceramic, jade, calligraphy, paintings, ancient coins and furniture.

If you have a zest for artistic assortments, then entertainment is guaranteed at this enthralling site.

Jade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha Temple is a Buddhist temple in the western part of the city. It was originally founded in 1882 but the existing structure was erected in 1928. It is adorned with a galore of magnificent statues. Its classical architecture and serene atmosphere adds a unique aspect to the otherwise modern city.

Miscellaneous Spots

Yuyan garden, the Site of the first National Congress of the Communist party, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Fuxing Park also hogs great attention from the tourists.

Weather Tips

Spring and autumn are the best seasons for Shanghai tour. During these seasons, you can explore the city with ease. The temperature is pleasant and extremities of the climate would not tarnish your fun. The only drawback is that the city is overcrowded during these seasons.

Travel Arrangements

There are various travel agencies that offer attractive tourism packages. They include prior arrangements for accommodation, meals, sight-seeing and transportation. Browse through internet and you will find a multitude of such packages. These deals ensure fun-filled and hassle-free trip, at reasonable rate. So make haste and savour everyday of your vacations at this exhilarating place, called Shanghai.