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    Top List for US National Parks

    I haven`t visited many national parks in the US so far. However, for me, each park has its own history and charm that are so obvious for a visit. From time to time, I have experienced the grandeur of different parks. Here are my own list of Top Us National Parks you should not miss : Grand Canyon NP On the top of my list, Grand Canyon is my first inspiration. When I looked at the postcard of this magical park, I am attracted. The park is really photogenic, awe-inspiring. My top list to do in Grand Canyon is to take the guided trek and embarking on a thrilling rafting…

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    Summer Vacation Ideas

    Perhaps you have made the decision yet what direction to go within your summer time season vacation? Otherwise, you are in good company. Each year, many families spend time and effort determining what direction to go. There’s also a lot of options and options, it’s really a hard choice. Organizing a summer time season vacation may be easy if one makes time to handle some planning. The first step in planning your summer time season vacation isn’t necessarily to select a destination, but to select an “action”. Do you want to camping within the forest, sailing across the sea, or even be relaxing at the sea or beach? Items that…

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    A mystical trek on Mount Mulanje Malawi

    In Africa there’s a place “where men should not go” because they’re going to get lost. I’m a woman, it should be ok for me then! Sapitwa peak is highest point in South-Central Africa and one of the most mystical place in Malawi. A 3-days trek is the perfect way to enjoy and explore the Mount Mulanje mainly because your feet are the only means of transportation capable to get you to its summit, Sapitwa. If you don’t want to get lost and become the subject of the next Mulanje legend, hire a guide. In Malawi’s Sothern Region, Mount Mulanje rises very sharply above the surrounding Phalombe Plain which lies…

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    Alternative things to do in Amsterdam

    When you enter the city you already feel the specific aroma which this city have and then you realize that this is the beginning of a new experience. Whether you like museums, hipster shops or food markets, it looks that Amsterdam have it all. Also, everywhere you look it looks that something is worth seeing, experiencing or photographing. Once you visit Amsterdam you never come back the same, this city touches your soul and heart. I made a list of things you should definitely experience while visiting Amsterdam if you want to feel more local.

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