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Top 10 Places to Visit in Germany

Germany is a great place to spend your vacations. There are certain places in Germany which should not be missed. All these famous places shall be discussed below.

1. Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall is very famous. Germany played a very important part in the world wars. The Berlin Wall is a monument of the war, which raged in Germany. It is a great tourist spot and everyone should try to visit it, if they get a chance to.

2. The Romantic Road

The reason why the road is called the Romantic Road is because the scenery is simply beautiful. While driving down this road the view is scenic. Sights such gothic churches and quaint towns are common on this road.

3. Augsburg

The Romantic Road leads to the town of Augsburg. This town was established by the Roman Legions.  The name Augsburg has originated from the name of a Roman Emperor, known as, Augustus.

Augsburg is a historical town. Famous sights within this town include the St. Anne’s Church and Dom. This town is also famous because Martin Luther lived here for a while. Another tourist spot is the Renaissance Golden Room, which is simply delightful.

4. Neuschwanstein Castle

The castle in Sleeping Beauty was actually inspired by the Neuschwanstein Castle.
It features those alabaster walls and high towers, seen in the carton. This Castle has become very famous now.

5. The Castles of Fussen

This is another very famous castle. Families love visiting this castle. The reason for this is that the castle is dreamlike. One should try to visit it.

6. Lake Constance

This lake has two purposes. The first is that it supplies drinking water to many Germans. The second purpose is that it’s a tourists spot. If you are a great fan of swimming and bird watching then you should visit Lake Constance.

7. The Black Forest

The Black Forest is a great spot for picnics. It is a sunlit forest with many trees. People who love hiking should try to visit this Forest.
Black forest is considered as one of the most celebrated place for white Christmas in Europe, especially when the city of Freiburg turns into its festive time.

8. Cologne

Cologne is another famous town. It has many great sights which you should try exploring. These include the River Rhine and the Cologne Cathedral.

9. Dachau

This is a concentration camp. There is a very famous statue that is placed in this spot. It has the words “Never again” inscribed on it.  It denotes the spreading of peace in Germany and a promise that the horrible mistakes of the past shall not be repeated.

10. Oktoberfest

Lastly is the Oktoberfest which is a festival. This festival takes place in the town of Bavaria. It is a great place to go and have some fun.

11. Freiburg