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Top 5 Most Beautiful Gardens In Europe

People who love to travel and like to visit beautiful places around the world, Europe is one of the best places to visit. It has most beautiful gardens which are full of natural beauty. These old gardens are well maintained. If you really wish to see them all, must plan your schedule so that in less time you can see more places.

Royal botanical gardens in London

It is one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. It has almost 40 thousand plants and spread across 300 acres. There are two batches of tourists which see this garden daily. If you really wish to see the garden, book your tour in advance.

There are so many fantastic and marvelous places in the garden, that it will make you confuse either which side be viewed first. There are glass houses, great old structures, palm houses and the temperate houses which are fantastic.

Royal Botanical gardens in Scotland

The garden is located in the city and spread over 70 acres land. Rock garden and the Scottish-heath garden are must seen places in the garden. The best time to visit the garden is in afternoon.

There is Queen mother’s garden within it which is famous because of the different types of plants grown in this area, which are brought from different parts of world. Similarly, Chinese hillside area has a large collection of Chinese plants.

Generalife in Spain

The art forms of landscape, the Generalife garden in Spain, is the beautiful place situated on a plateau near Sierra Nevada mountains. This is the art of 13th century but now has evolved into a place full with roses, lily flowers and pools. If you really wish to enjoy the natural beauty in a peaceful environment, go to these gardens feel the pleasant beauty.

Nymphenburg Palace gardens in Munich

Art of 17th century but transformed now into a beautiful place where you can spend your morning by appreciating the natural beauty. It was, earlier, a small garden but later developed into a place which is now appreciated by the visitors.

There are statues of Greek-Gods, large ponds, variety of plants and birds. It is a great picnic spot where you can enjoy with your families and even cover the large area of garden by enjoying the God gifted beauty in a less time.

Monet’s garden in France

A great place connected with village of Giverny. These gardens are near Claude Monet’s mansion and he really helped to made these gardens beautiful. The sight of flowers, ponds, and water gardens make this place a peaceful heaven.

There are dozens of such gardens which are full of natural beauty. If ever you can take time out of your busy routine of life, do visit these gardens to refresh yourselves.